Team Mah Sing Shows Compassion For Refugees

9th May 2017

~ Mah Sing Foundation collaborates with Free Tree Society to make the urban garden and revamps refugee pre-school ~

Kuala Lumpur – Mah Sing Foundation, the charity arm of Mah Sing Group, has taken its promise of enhancing lives to new heights, as they give children of the Rohingya refugees hope for a better tomorrow by planting a garden and revamping the kindergarten.

The Group collaborated with Free Tree Society, a specialist in botanical landscaping, to design the urban garden for the Rohingya children. In line with the Group’s new vision, 50 volunteers from the Mah Sing Team took time off their busy schedule to lend a helping hand in planting an urban garden that aims to beautify the environment of the kindergarten.

The Rohingya are one of Myanmar's many ethnic minority groups who have been denied citizenship and are seen as immigrants from Bangladesh by the Myanmar government.

An Urban Garden Welcome
Chairman of Mah Sing Foundation, Dato’ Indera Syed Norulzaman bin Syed Kamarulzaman said that, “We sympathize with the hardships these of these people, let alone their children. We believe that every child should be able to study in a conducive environment, therefore, the Mah Sing family has personally given their support to help better the lives of the children in this society.”

The urban garden serves multiple purposes for all age groups. It provides sustenance for the refugees, producing fresh produce that can be harvested and sold to generate a small scale income for the refugees.

On the other hand, the children can benefit from an educational point of view as the garden provides a plethora of botanical species for them to discover.

Revamping the pre-school Staying on the topic of education, with 26 percent of children making up the population of total Rohingya refugees in Malaysia, the Group has gone the extra mile in renovating a kindergarten for pre-school children.

Initial condition was less than conducive as the compound of the school was used as a storage facility, with litter scattered all over and water leakages from the wall affecting the conditions of the room entirely.

“With our new tagline, ‘Reinvent Spaces. Enhance Life.’, this initiative seemed fitting as our goal was to reinvent the space to provide a productive environment for the children to study in.” Dato’ Syed said.

The revamped pre-school includes proper tiling in and around the school’s vicinity for children to study comfortably, as well as fortified walls to prevent future leakages.