Mah Sing Group Bhd
An innovative property developer in Malaysia

With roots in trading, we ventured into property development in 1994 and have risen through the ranks of prominent property developers in Malaysia.

Innovation lies at the heart of our daily endeavors as we live our mission to be a sustainable property developer company in Malaysia. Our community-focused projects have garnered numerous awards that have further cemented our position as one of the Malaysia's top housing developers.

Development With The Community In Mind

We don’t just build houses. We build communities - kinships that are fostered in a conducive living environment of comfort that grows and thrives. We constantly evolve to respond to market demands by reinventing the definition of affordability to provide home buyers with affordable luxury.

We also look at providing credible solutions towards home-ownership such as our Madam Loan feature, aimed at informing consumers on home-loan suitability and affordability and government financing scheme eligibility.

Our quest for excellence is a continuous journey much like our hope to improve the lives of home dwellers. That way, we are not just a Malaysian house developer, but a house developer for all Malaysian.