24 October, 2019

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Gee, where did the year go? Already, we’re sliding fast into 2020. Shivers. Ok, straighten up, take the rest of the year by its horn and live to the max. Take a cue from these four must-do things before bidding 2019 farewell.


Money, money, MONEY

Love may make the world go round but without money, that carousel you’re riding on will soon screech to a halt. So be sure you have a financial plan now, with specific goals, to take you through 2020 comfortably.

For example, decide how much you want to save each month, perhaps 10% of your gross income. First, deduct all your fixed expenses (e.g. monthly car repayment, rental or contribution to your parents, gym membership, etc.) from your net income (take-home pay). Next, budget for food, petrol or transport cost, the occasional entertainment and clothes.

How much is left? Is it 10% of your gross income? If not, either reduce your savings target or see if you can cut down on food, entertainment and clothes. Whatever you do, know where your money is going to and watch your spending closely to avoid getting into the whirlpool of debt.

Have a credit card? Be extremely cautious about using it. Make sure you control it and not let it control you. And stick to your savings target.


Health or hot body?

Ok, the truth is, most young people go to the gym not to get fit and healthy but to get a hot body. All the huffing and puffing on the machines, and protein shakes and supplements that promise faster results are aimed at nailing that enviable physique that will have their peers drooling.

But it’s fine. As long as they’re working out, their hearts are stronger, stamina better, blood sugar more controlled and overall, they have better health. Yay!

So whether you’re a gym rat or play badminton, swim, run, walk, climb… make it your goal to stay active in 2020. If you’re a couch potato or an office chair bummer, jump up and start your physical fitness plan NOW!

Photo by Meghan Holmes


Stay Forever 21

So Forever 21 has gone bust ☹ and everyone’s holding their breath for a mega sale at all its stores. Get your annual leave form ready and inform your boss you’re planning to take the day off for some retail therapy to improve your work efficiency. When they announce the sale date, boom, your form’s in.

To save you time googling the stores, we’ve checked them out for you – they’re in Pavilion, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley Megamall. Have fun buying up the store.


Dream home, BIG savings

Finally, and this may be the most important thing to do before 2019 ends – grab the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) benefits, which end on Dec. 31, 2019.

So what exactly is the HOC? The HOC is perhaps the most exciting thing for prospective homeowners with it being a government initiative to help the rakyat in owning their first home, especially for all first-time home buyers out there. Till the end of this year, you will be exempted from paying two types of stamp duties; Instrument of Transfer AND Instrument of Loan Agreement; saving you a ton of ringgit!

Photo by Markus Spiske

But even better is the discount on the property price that the developer will provide from 6% to 10%.

Mah Sing Group is giving 10% discount – a hefty sum indeed. Let’s say the property is tagged at RM300,000, that’s a RM30,000 saving!

So before the year runs out, go check out Mah Sing’s many properties in very strategic locations nationwide and talk to their friendly sales personnel.

This is the best time to own a home, so don’t let the opportunity slip through. End 2019 by making the best decision for the year.



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