28 October, 2020


Have you ever had the feeling of anxiousness where, as soon as leaving the house or upon getting into bed, you start to think, “Did I close the door?” Such an experience is not uncommon when the abundance of crime-related news are perpetually brought to our attention that we can no longer ignore the importance of securing our home, where our loved ones and prized possessions are.

According to statistics on crime by Department of Statistics Malaysia, property crime has been on a steady decline since 2018, yet news of house break-ins is still rampant; security is a serious issue especially when dealing with burglaries. While seasoned home buyers are aware of this fact, first time home buyers in Malaysia may have some catching up to do in order to grasp the necessity of a safe sanctuary you call your home. Touted as one of the best places to retire, here are few things you should pay attention when looking for your first property in Malaysia.

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#1 – Embrace Technology

They say prevention is better than cure. The most basic security system usually involves the use of the alarm system as a high decibel siren for deterrence combined with the usage of CCTV as a monitoring device. Although they have served millions of homeowners for sufficiently long enough period of time to prove that there is no system that is completely impenetrable, its contribution to preventing burglaries is still an impressive feat. Aided by much innovation, the properties of today will require a much more integrated security system consisting of many tiers located at various ingress and egress, namely:

  • Guard post and visitor access control
  • Car park access
  • Lift lobby access
  • Home alarm system with motion detector and door sensor
  • Common area guard patrol
  • Online CCTV access and monitoring

All of the above is managed by a unifying software allowing the personnel to constantly monitor and prevent undesired breaches.

#2 – Strata Management Bodies

Most properties are currently sold as strata title especially for developments that share common facilities such as gated & guarded communities, security, car parks which are a common sight. Strata living present different challenges as an underperforming management body will affect the upkeep of the building as owners may refuse to pay maintenance fees resulting in a tail-chasing situation. This can be first mitigated by selecting properties by developers with good track record during the preliminary management period as Joint Management Body (JMB) prior to the formation of Management Corporation (MC) upon issuance of strata title.

#3 – Community First

Having a close neighbour watch over your property on your absence is as important as having a CCTV monitoring your accommodation as. However, this aspect is often neglected especially with older properties which are not built with enough communal living.

However, many property developers today mostly practise a more primitive build-and-sell concept without much emphasis on community engagement. One contrasting and enterprising property developer offers a refreshing change; Mah Sing offers a new change of scenery by placing significance on community engagement. While basic amenities such as swimming pool and clubhouse are the usual suspects, Mah Sing goes a step beyond by incorporating various social gathering avenues, allowing the community to relieve stress and foster a stronger bond.  Some of their new launches include:

  • M Oscar with a 2.7 acres facility deck comprising of 12 different facility zones with a total of 35 types of facilities designed for maximum relaxation
  • M Arisa with its very own multi-level sky garden fashioned as an eco-sanctuary for the ensuing green retreat

That said, human as social beings require the company of others as much as keeping our property safe and sound. The main drive of safety and security of our living space often necessitates the social aspect as well, as residents have to be compliant in order to complement the security system for it to be working in good condition.

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