Top 3 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Dream Condominium

Congratulations on making the first move by looking out for a new condo for sale! Condos are often considered a more affordable option compared to landed residential especially in urban areas, so if you’ve decided that high-rise living is the way to go based on your current priorities and lifestyle, here are our top 3 things to consider before purchasing your dream home.

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Ease of Accessibility

If you were to browse through a list of new condos online, chances are you’ll come across 2 common themes:

  • Access to public transportation, an important consideration especially for dwellers looking for a viable way to commute to work. You would be using public transportation almost daily, so look out for the walking distance to the nearest train station (who wants to walk far in our hot weather!?) or ensure there’s at least a comfortable waiting area for your Grab.
  • Access to major highways; in today’s day and age, condos are located in mostly urban and congested areas, so you’ll want to look out for properties with quick and easy access to major highways. To stand out from competition, some developers are even constructing connecting roads from the condo to these highways, amazing!

List of Facilities of a New Condo

Facilities are an essential feature that make a condominium rise above the rest (pun not intended). You will be surprised to hear that some buyers decide against a particular condo all because the pool size is not up to par! A condo’s facilities are meant to suit your needs, so depending on your lifestyle, look around for condos that offer a wide range of facilities-event halls for family get-togethers, BBQ pits for a fun time with friends, the gym for some hard-core exercise and more!

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The Right Size & Layout

Trivial as it seems, this is arguably the most important factor to consider before settling into a condo for good.

Imagine a family of 4 who are currently living in a 2-bedroom apartment. The kids share a room, the kitchen is a comfortable size and the living room is just perfect. However, as the kids get older, their need for space increases; eventually you will have to start looking around for a bigger home. With this in mind, thinking about your long-term stay in the home is beneficial not just to your pocket, but piece of mind.

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Find a condominium for sale that suits your needs!

Moving into a condo is an exciting new chapter in your life, but keep in mind that this is perhaps one of the biggest investments you will be making in your lifetime so take it slow, prioritise your needs and don’t settle.