2 May, 2020

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First and foremost, congratulations on achieving the great milestone of having your very own new condo property and making it a home! In reality, there are not many who have achieved their dream of owning their own homes yet. In fact, some may still not know the importance of investing in a home of their own. In most cases, money could be the main issue of it all. “The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

Now that you’ve successfully gotten a house of your own, it is indeed crucial to make it a home of love and dreams. Let’s go through the 5 basic essentials specially curated to ease your burden in making yourself feel safe and comfortable at home in no time!

CCTV and Security Surveillance

Usually, if you’re planning on moving to a condo or apartment, it is best advised to ensure that the place and its surroundings are already equipped with CCTV cameras and security surveillance that includes fire alarms in every corner for safety measurements. For better security and peace of mind, you may also install CCTV cameras of your own right at the front door, the balcony or the back area for extra precautions – especially if you have elderly or children at home.

First Aid Kit

In case of emergencies, one should be able to do basic treatment and have a rescue system in place before the victim’s condition worsen. It is crucial to have one complete first aid kit that comprises beyond the basics, complete with alcohol swabs, antiseptics, tapes and a CPR breathing mask with guidelines. This helps to keep things under control at the most unexpected emergencies or situations.

Fire Extinguisher

As comforting to know that the smoke alarm exists in your home, a fire extinguisher will be very handy in case of a fire. It is best to place the fire extinguisher at a reachable height without any obstructions so that one could easily access it. Do read the manual and familiarise yourself with how to work the fire extinguisher before proceeding to use it.

Tool Box

One could not deny that any home will have to undergo some form of repair, fixings and touch-ups from time to time. A toolbox will come in handy to manage minor and easily fixable issues so that you wouldn’t need to delay and prolong any small issues that could potentially grow to become a bigger headache for you.

Sanitizer or Antibacterial Products / Disinfectants

A home should and must be always kept clean, hygienic and tidy at all times – especially more so when there are several virus outbreaks occurring. Sanitization and disinfection of your home and furniture are encouraged to be done as often as possible. This creates a healthy, peaceful and relaxing environment for one to live and grow in.

Live With A Peace Of Mind

Making a home safe is essential and it’s important to equip yourself with basic emergency knowledge at all times to help when needed. Having an understanding community that cares is also very important to create a network of socially connected neighbourhoods. This, without a doubt, will definitely affect and contribute to the quality of your life.

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Mah Sing Properties: We don’t just build houses. We build communities – kinships that are fostered in a conducive living environment of comfort that grows and thrives. Like the property market, we constantly evolve to respond to market demands by reinventing the definition of affordability to provide home buyers with affordable luxury. Our quest for excellence is a continuous journey much like our hope to improve the lives of home dwellers. That way, we are not just a Malaysian house developer, but a house developer for all Malaysians.

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