14 December, 2019

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Baby, it’s cold outside: Top 10 Xmas jingles to get you in the mood

Photo by Rodolfo Marques

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (as if you haven’t noticed!)

It’s also many people’s favourite time of the year — when they’re not harassed by all the late and last-minute shopping for loved ones and for those who made it to the ‘Nice’ list from the ‘Naughty’ list.

While it’s still early in the month, there are certain songs that are guaranteed to kickstart the festive mood in you, no matter how much you think you are immune or (gasp!) too cool to be bitten by the Xmas bug.

We dare you not to think of Santa hats and Santarina outfits and red, shiny baubles when you hear these tunes, some classic, some cheesy (but so effective in ringing in the season) and some truly evergreen that you can’t help but hum.

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

Even if you are one of the five people on the planet who hasn’t watched the 2003 film Love, Actually and Olivia Olson’s adorable and super-festive version which helped to reignite the popularity of this song, let’s admit it now — Ms Mariah’s 2010 mega-hit is still the best version. Admit this, too: you’ve looked for this song at the karaoke joint and you pretended you could (a) hit the high notes and (b) keep up with Ms Mariah’s tempo while bopping your body.

There is a reason everyone loves this song. We dare you not to tap your fingers or feet when you hear this beauty of an Xmas song.

By the way, here’s a fun thing to do over Christmas — compare Mariah’s version with Fifth Harmony’s 2014 cover whilst tipsy on eggnog. Go on. You know you want to.

Last Christmas by Wham!

Don’t you dare roll your eyes at this one. Almost every Gen X-er has some memory associated with this schmaltzy but oh-so-relatable hit from 1984 (slow-dancing awkwardly at the year-end school dance, maybe) while some millennials who weren’t even an itch in their parents’ pants in 1984 will think the movie with Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke is so much better than this song. (Psst: the movie was inspired by this song, duh.)

Almost every bar in town will play this classic at some point or another over the 12 days of Christmas. We guarantee it. Christmas is, after all, the only time of year you can legit get away with playing this song, much less sing it.

Photo by Arun Kuchibhotla

Jingle Bell Rock — the version sung by the Mean Girls cast in the, um, Mean Girls movie

Ahh, the time when Lindsay Lohan was our favourite actress and cute pop star. This version from the 2004 movie is technically not a proper song per se, but since it is one of the most recognisable and remembered scenes from a movie most everyone has watched but will not cop to liking, we’re gonna go right ahead and put it in the list. Because we know your secrets and you LOVE this song.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Bing Crosby

It doesn’t matter that this song came out during your grandparents’ time (if you’re below 20, that is). It is a classic. It evokes images of snowy streets and warm fires inside with a hot cup of cocoa and a warm blankie while your loved ones are in a turkey coma in the living room and you have an entire stretch of off-days before the New Year. Fun fact: Michael Buble did a cover in 2011 and Sam Smith did a cover in 2014. Just in case you thought the song wasn’t enough of an enduring classic for these two powerhouse vocalists to give it a shot.

Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid

Yes, yes, yes, the intention behind this 1984 song was more for a noble cause that is far from merrymaking but dang it, the tune is just too good. Especially the soaring chorus sung by — let’s face it — some of the greatest vocalists of all time (Bono, Sting, George Michael, among others — I mean, hello!) Did we mention Phil Collins played the drums on this original? Yes, Lily Collins’ dad. How’s that for cool?

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

You know the tune; you just can never remember the name of the singer. You know the tune, you kinda know some of the lyrics but this catchy little number is such a happy tune, yes? For a tune that was released in 1958, it’s racked up over 4 million views on Youtube. How’s that for popular?

Photo by Andrew Neel

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus by The Jackson 5

Ah, 1970, a magical time when people didn’t overthink double-meanings and nobody got offended by what is essentially an adorable tune sung by an even more adorable Michael Jackson before he got weird as a grown-up. This is a good tune if Mommy is wishing Chris Evans would dress up as Santa and sneak into the home at night when Daddy is asleep. Also, super-easy to follow and sing to. Bonus.

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Dean Martin

Yep, the 1959 version, not the controversial 2019 version by John Legend that has some people offended. Recorded by Idina Menzel and Michael Buble in 2014 as well, it is an incredibly lovely charming version and a video that will bring a smile to the hardest-hearted Scrooge.

Here Comes Santa Claus by Gene Autry

Again, another tune you know if you hear it played in the mall, but you don’t know who sang it. You’re welcome.) A very catchy earworm that once you hear it, you’ll find yourself humming it well past the 12th day of Christmas. Remember Anna Kendrick remixing this little ditty in in Pitch Perfect 2 when Snoop Dogg was in the studio? You do now.

Santa Baby by Kylie Minogue

Yes, Eartha Kitt recorded the original way back in 1953 by Kylie Minogue just made it so (ahem) seductive and so cool. Ariana Grande’s 2013 version brings both the naughty AND the nice, so we’re sure Santa would approve (and maybe, blush a little.)

Merry Christmas folks!


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