5-Year Financial Highlights

Financial Year Ended 31 December
Audited 2013 RM'000Audited 2014 RM'000Audited 2015 RM'000Audited 2016 RM'000Audited 2017 RM'000
Profit Before Tax371,116#471,631# 503,693482,939472,283
Profit After Tax279,010# 354,910#384,634360,312359,161
Net Profit Attributable to Equity Holders280,365#356,496#386,677361,357361,895
Total Assets4,587,094#5,326,350#6,615,6786,220,1557,140,187
Total Borrowings1,129,8451,459,2401,500,2551,005,650784,478
Equity Attributable to Equity Holders1,955,249#2,288,833#3,135,6223,288,1113,455,968
Total Equity1,966,236#2,298,515#3,684,0953,836,1274,647,609
Return on Equity14%16%12%10%9%
Asset Turnover(%)44%55%47%48%41%
Net Gearing/ (Cash) ratio0.160.360.040.02net cash
Basic Earnings per Share (sen)17.16*18.35*15.7313.4712.54
Fully Diluted Earnings per Share (sen)16.08*17.60*15.3513.4612.5
Net Assets per Share (RM)1.4#1.6#
Net Dividend per Share (%)16%13%13%13%13%
Dividend Payout Ratio (%)42%44%41%43%44%

# The comparative figures have been restated due to the effect of early adoption of MFRS 15, Revenue from contracts with customers, in the financial year 2015.

* The comparative figures for basic and diluted earnings per share have been restated to reflect the adjustments arising from the Rights and Bonus Issues completed during the financial year 2015.

^ The dividend payout for 2017 is estimated based on number of shares as at 23 February 2018.

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