5-Year Financial Highlights

Financial Year Ended 31 December
Audited 2016 RM'000Audited 2017 RM'000Audited 2018 RM'000Audited 2019 RM'000Audited 2020 RM'000
Profit Before Tax482,939472,283347,610270,219153,669
Profit After Tax360,312359,161270,619202,593104,046
Net Profit Attributable to Equity Holders361,357361,895271,582200,334100,394
Total Assets6,220,1557,140,1876,909,4016,675,8266,865,983
Total Borrowings1,005,650784,478568,226570,4021,218,784
Equity Attributable to Equity Holders3,288,1113,455,9683,488,9723,488,9993,440,447
Total Equity3,836,1274,647,6094,823,6784,826,3674,241,361
Net Gearing/ (Cash) ratio0.02net cashnet cashnet cash0.01
Basic Earnings per Share (sen)13.4712.547.834.491.12
Fully Diluted Earnings per Share (sen)13.4612.507.834.491.12
Net Assets per Share (RM)1.361.421.441.441.42
Dividend Payout Ratio (%)43%44%40%41%40%

# The comparative figures have been restated due to the effect of early adoption of MFRS 15, Revenue from contracts with customers, in the financial year 2015.

* The comparative figures for basic and diluted earnings per share have been restated to reflect the adjustments arising from the Rights and Bonus Issues completed during the financial year 2015.