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Top 3 Essential Criteria to Look for in Malaysia’s Houses for Sale
13 March, 2023
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5 Benefits of Living Close to MRT and LRT Stations
Many have mentioned the benefits of living close to public transportation, but have you thought about why it should be one of your main priorities when picking out your future property?
22 September, 2022
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m vertica cheras condominium
The Top 6 Best Condominiums in Kuala Lumpur to Invest in Now
Looking for a condominium in Kuala Lumpur to invest in? Here are 6 new condos for sale in KL for you to check out now.
16 August, 2022
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Why Property Investment In Malaysia Is Still The Best Kind Of Investment Now
Are you currently looking for the best property investment in Malaysia? Buying a house for investment sounds like a great idea. Here are a few properties to check out.
16 August, 2022
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How To Use Step-Up Financing To Get Your Dream Home
If money has always been the biggest hurdle to getting your very own property, perhaps step-up financing is your solution.
10 August, 2022
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Businesswoman Holding Magnifying Glass Over House Model
A Complete Property Inspection Checklist For Your New Home
Getting the keys to your new home is always an exciting event, but ensure that you conduct a thorough property inspection to check for any defects as soon as possible.
5 July, 2022
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How Does Inflation Affect Housing Prices?
On the May 11th, 2022, Bank Negara Malaysia made a surprise decision to increase its overnight policy rate (OPR) by 25 basis points to 2% from 1.75%.
30 May, 2022
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House loan concept isolated on white background
Learn From Mira: 6 Property Terms To Add To Your Vocabulary
Let Mah Sing’s Mira guide you through common property terms and their definitions.
13 April, 2022
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World Sleep Day 2022: How To Design Your Bedroom For A Better Night’s Sleep
There’s nothing quite like returning to your home to relax and unwind after a long day out.
18 March, 2022
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7 New Mah Sing Launches To Watch Out For In 2022
Make 2022 the year you get your very own home—let Mah Sing make it possible for you with our exciting new launches this year.
10 March, 2022
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Should You Buy A House With Your Partner Before Getting Married? #ValentinesEdition
Should You Buy A House With Your Partner Before Getting Married? #ValentinesEdition
Love is in the air — but do you really want to sign your heart over with a joint loan application this Valentine’s Day? 
13 February, 2022
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What To Ask A Property Agent During A Gallery Viewing
What To Ask A Property Agent During A Gallery Viewing?
Make the most out of your time during a property gallery viewing and ask your property agent these crucial questions.
11 February, 2022
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Mah Sing & Carsome partnership
Get Rewarded With The Mah Sing X Carsome Partnership!
When you sell your car via Carsome, South East Asia’s largest used car platform, and purchase one of Mah Sing’s properties, you’ll be entitled to some exciting rebates thanks to our latest partnership.
15 December, 2021
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Here’s Why You Should Buy A Sustainable Home With Mah Sing
Mah Sing has more than several properties that will aid you in your search for a sustainable home.
15 November, 2021
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couple happily moving in benefitted from HOC 2020-2021
Final chance to buy a dream home under the HOC 2020-2021!
Homebuyers should not miss out this final chance to shop for dream home or hunt for best property with HOC 2020 – 2021
1 November, 2021
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Couple enjoy loyalty program, Mah SIng Group, M Privilege
Time to claim your benefits as an M Privilege member!
If you’ve purchased a property directly from Mah Sing, you’re automatically a member of the M Privilege Loyalty Programme.
13 October, 2021
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Match a Home to Your Family’s Personality.
Match a Home to Your Family’s Personality
When it comes to choosing a home for your family, it’s a different ball game altogether- their collective needs and preferences take priority.
30 June, 2021
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Are you HUNTING for your first property? Read this.
Are you HUNTING for your first property? Read this.
It’s either your parents think it’s time you flee the nest, you’re getting married, a baby’s on the way or you’re ready to freefall into this thing called adulting.
23 June, 2021
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3 Things About EV Charging You Should Know Before Purchasing An Electric Car In Malaysia
As of today, Malaysia has about 300 EV charging stations estimated in the country, with most of them concentrated in Klang Valley and across the west coast.
14 April, 2021
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7 Green Initiatives By Ferringhi Residence 2 That Buyers Should Know
Batu Ferringhi. Well-known as a weekend holiday destination filled with memories of scenic beaches, seafood restaurants, and a variety of night bazaars selling goods ranging from street food to household items, to batik clothing!
2 March, 2021
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Welcoming the Ox Year in the New Norm
Due to Covid-19, the celebration of CNY will be much different. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be spent as joyfully and we will be sharing how.
31 January, 2021
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Purchasing from a developer with integrity is crucial. Yes OR No?
Our commitment in maintaining high standards of business ethics and corporate governance in accordance with the laws and regulations is vital in maintaining our group reputation as a whole.
14 December, 2020
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kepong new condo
Kepong’s Condo Is Much More Enticing Now With Eazy To Own + HOC
Fancy for a condo living in Kepong, one of the matured neighbourhoods in KL? Read more to find out how you can capitalize on Eazy To Own + HOC to structure your purchase.
8 December, 2020
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new property in sentul
Getting A Condo In Sentul Is Now An Easier Decision With Eazy To Own + HOC
Find out how you will be convinced to buy a condo in Sentul now that Eazy To Own + HOC is made available to potential home buyers.
30 November, 2020
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Mah Sing Plastic Manufacturing Business
Mah Sing has grown to be one of the largest high-tech plastics manufacturer in Malaysia and has operations in both Malaysia and Indonesia
27 November, 2020
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kuchai lama new property
Kuchai Lama’s Condo is Now Much More Affordable With Eazy To Own + HOC
Do you know you can secure a condo in Kuchai Lama at a much lower price than you think? Read more to find out how Eazy To Own + HOC can help you achieve your goal.
22 November, 2020
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Introducing, MS Glove!
Our Founder and Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum believes that there is excess demand for rubber gloves in the market as the top four producers’ supply lines are booked even up to early 2022.
20 November, 2020
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house for sale in johor bahru
Looking For A House For Sale In Johor Bahru? Take Advantage Now With Eazy To Own + HOC
Johor Bahru new houses are much more affordable now by making full use of the ongoing Eazy To Own + HOC combo to get your dream property.
13 November, 2020
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Interest Rate
Why are Base Rates Lowered & Why Should You Invest in a Home Loan Now?
The government hopes that this could give people more spending power for items including property purchases and drive the economy into recovery.
9 November, 2020
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bangi property for sale
Bangi’s New property: Is It Worth To Settle In? A Closer Look at the Pros & Cons
The rapidly developing Bangi makes the new properties an enticing offer to capitalize on its fresh growth prospects. Find out if it fits your criteria to move in.
4 November, 2020
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