Gombak is a district that is located in Selangor bordering Kuala Lumpur, frequent visitors to Genting Highland will be familiar with Gombak as it is a popular stop on the way up via Karak Highway. Before Gombak was a district, it used to be a town that was famously known as being the settlement for some of the first Minangkabau immigrants in the 1800s. Today, Gombak is a well-regarded district comprising of other localities such as Rawang and Hulu Kelang.

Gombak Condos: A Little Too Far From The City Centre

While Gombak is well-complemented by having accessibility to various highways and amenities, it is still considered to be relatively far away from the city centre given that it is located on the outskirts of the city. However, residents of Gombak do get to enjoy a very peaceful village type of lifestyle enclosed by flora and fauna.

If you are on the lookout for a place that is relatively near to Kuala Lumpur, there are other alternatives that offer the same convenience and living environment as Gombak. Located just 9km away from KLCC via Jalan Ampang, this condo by Mah Sing at Wangsa Melawati is situated at the ideal location that offers similar lifestyle but at a much closer distance to the city centre.

Impeccable Accessibility

Just as living in a condo in Gombak will offer in terms of connectivity near Setapak areas, M Adora takes it up a notch by providing the flexibility of choosing the myriad roads to embark on. Due to its nature of being located in a matured area, residents of M Adora enjoys the freedom of using inner roads which sometimes shorten travelling time, especially for the well-seasoned explorers. While the more adventurous residents will enjoy the fact that M Adora is reachable via public transport by taking a journey to the Sri Rampai LRT station via a dedicated shuttle service. Major highways such as DUKE and MRR2 are also within easy access.

Like Gombak Condos, But More Advantages

Residents of Gombak had long enjoyed an almost undisrupted view of the city skylines largely due to its remote location. Offering similar backdrop, the units in M Adora are uniquely arranged in a north-south orientation to allow for an unblemished view of iconic skylines like KLCC and Genting Highlands; the closer proximity to the city centre also ensures that residents of M Adora will get a first-class seat amidst the panorama. As the sole high rise condo in the vicinity, residents of M Adora are assured that their much-envied access to the scenery is here to stay.

condo for sale near gombak

M Adora: The Simplicity, The Fusion Of Urban & Nature

Strategically Priced

Living in Gombak is usually associated with being more affordable than living close to the city centre itself. However, M Adora is here to debunk the myth. Units are M Adora will start from an attractive RM468,000 with the company of at least 2 side-by-side carparks as Mah Sing believes in providing a quality lifestyle in development without sacrificing affordability. Featuring a total of 677 units and 35 exclusive facilities, M Adora is the perfect fusion of urban and nature.

The 677 units will be broken down into three distinctive types, namely:
– Type A : 850 sq ft with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
– Type B : 1,000 sq ft with 3 + 1 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
– Type C (Dual Key) : 1,200 sq ft with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms

In line with the rejuvenated property market, Mah Sing has once again hit the sweet spot by continuing to offer luxury at affordable prices in the right location; M Adora has everything to fulfil various expectations required by condo buyers in Gombak.

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