At Jalan Ipoh, Condo Is The Most Ideal Property With These 3 Reasons

Touted as one of the oldest federal roads in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (KL), Jalan Ipoh got its name as the only road leading out of the city towards Ipoh. Mostly attributable to its previous connectivity, the current Jalan Ipoh provides access from within the heart of KL to even the fringe peripheral towns including Segambut, through Sentul. While forming part of older KL itself, Jalan Ipoh also retains its charm as a traditional retail powerhouse as defined by the numerous long-established shop fronts covering the streets that almost qualify as a heritage site in itself.

Staying true to its roots, Jalan Ipoh residential area comprises of mostly terraced houses and old apartment and flats that give you a taste of the older KL. Owing to its excellent location, Jalan Ipoh is now being heavily developed to include some of the most luxurious condominium projects. Living in a condo in Jalan Ipoh would be the most ideal property type for you and here are the 3 reasons.         

 jalan ipoh condominium

Convenience In A Busy Location

A place full of local delights, Jalan Ipoh is a famous street not only for its roadside food stalls but also highly famous for its wedding boutiques which draw visitors from various states. All these combined to form a collective cultural estate that is the current Jalan Ipoh right now, imagine having access to the traditional shop lots and contemporary cafes along the sidewalk just in front of your condo. Although some may argue that traditional landed property may also offer the same access, bear in mind that the same landed property offering the same access will also mean non-existent privacy is a foregone conclusion. To top that off, some condos even have their own tremendous list of amenities which will mean you will hardly find the need to step out of your condo, except for maybe travelling to work which again means short travelling time given the ideal location. Some transit-oriented developments even offer direct links to public transports which further enhances the value proposition as transportation concerns run high when living in KL.

Safety And Security

To make city living your habitat will mean participating in the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps; some might find this enjoyable but others find it an enduring process. While it may be a fair trade-off for living in the city centre, a lot of the unwanted cons are actually preventable by living in a condo, essentially a high rise building complete with numerous facilities to make living a holistic experience. You hardly have to worry about the safety of your loved ones and your own as condos today are usually equipped with the enhanced building security feature. While privacy is a subjective matter, you will find reprieve in knowing that living in a condo means that whatever happens behind your closed condo door is ultimately none of anyone else’s business, unlike staying in a landed property where you might feel privacy intrusion especially when located at a busy street; a trait especially prominent in older neighbourhoods such as Jalan Ipoh. 

Affordability And Value

As aforementioned, living in Jalan Ipoh is as good as living the city centre itself, but some may find the asking price for some of the landed properties hard to stomach. This is especially prominent in areas neighbouring Jalan Ipoh such as Kenny Hills, Sri Hartamas and Mont’Kira where traditional houses are either extremely hard to come about or priced beyond the reach of the average home buyers. This is when purchasing a condo in Jalan Ipoh become an interesting proposition, as it offers the same convenience with added safety and security, all at a lower entry price which offers an irresistible value proposition when considering for a house for sale in Jalan Ipoh.


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