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Management Associate - Management Associate Programme

Job Description

Our Management Associate Programme (MAP) aims to develop and mould high calibre young talents to lead and drive the organisation’s vision and mission; enable them to realise their full potential and partnering them to leverage and strengthen their gifts, experiencing a truly life-changing and career crafting experience through our carefully crafted blended specialties over a 18-month period. 

Why Is Our MAP Unique?

In MAP, you will be fast-tracked to be the BEST, not second or third! You are empowered to choose your own path, from one of the three specialties designed just for you.

Specialty 1 – Sales & Branding

If you want to be the next Chief Marketing or Sales Officer who are customer obsessed and uses out of the box branding to achieve business outcomes

Specialty 2 – Projects

If you have the ambition to be the next big thing in large scale, multi-billion projects as its Chief Technical or Project Officer who plans and manage end-to-end development of life-changing projects

Specialty 3 – Corporate Management

If you don’t really know what you want yet but you are sure you will become a CEO one day, you will be a versatile talent who fit into the organization’s various corporate functions, i.e Finance, People, Supply Chain, etc

Do You Have What It Takes?
  • I have a degree but I want to do something different
  • My grades are above average but I can do so much more if my passion is triggered
  • I am fresh from university and have some experience interning here and there but I am all ready to commit to a career
  • People say I speak well, have great drive to succeed, ambitious but I prefer to let my actions speak for themselves
  • I don’t like giving answers, I prefer providing solutions
  • Do you tick all the boxes or most of them, if yes, we would like to hear from you! Why wait, drop us your resume now!