22 September, 2022

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Many have mentioned the benefits of living close to public transportation, but have you thought about why it should be one of your main priorities when picking out your future property? We’ll tell you why. 

Extremely Convenient

Here’s an obvious benefit. Living close to an MRT or LRT station—and by extension, access to RapidKL buses—will make it extremely convenient for you to get around town. You may find that you’re not even relying on your car as much! 

Great for Investment 

Properties close to public transportation tend to appreciate in value much faster than any other property. Whether you’re planning to sell your property later on or rent it out, you’ll never have to worry about making a profit.  

Easy to Rent Out

Accessibility is one of the big factors that renters look for in a property. With a home that’s close to public transportation, you’ll always have a steady stream of interested tenants wanting to rent your home.  

Protection Against Inflation

We already know that owning property is a pretty good hedge against inflation. Regular property appreciates at a 4-8 percent rate each year. Good property such as one that’s close to MRT and LRT stations will appreciate much more than that.  

Neighbourhood Growth Potential

New neighbourhoods surrounding an MRT or LRT station may seem sparse, but the long-term opportunities are there. Properties close to accessible public transportation will continue to be popular, and this will attract other business opportunities to grow there. Soon, the neighbourhood will be a thriving community with schools, shops, recreational areas, and more.  

3 Mah Sing Projects Close to MRT and LRT Stations 

By now, you shouldn’t need convincing to decide on purchasing a property that’s close to accessible public transportation. Luckily for you, there are three quality Mah Sing projects that fit this criteria.  

  1. M Vertica, Cheras

With a prime location in the Kuala Lumpur city area, M Vertica is one of the best choices for anyone looking for accessibility. It’s only 500-metres away from the Maluri MRT-LRT Interchange, and is walkable under a covered walkway. This high-rise property also boasts one of the largest landscaped and facilities deck—over 40 facilities—in the city. You’ll have nearly everything you need, plus a gorgeous view to boot.

  1. M Oscar, Kuchai Lama

M Oscar in Salak South is one of the most gorgeous properties you could live in KL. It has been designed to suit natural architecture—all units have North-South orientation, making your units cooler yet gives you excellent morning sun. It’s also located 800-metres away from the MRT2 station, and here’s the best part: you get free shuttle services to get to the station.  

  1. M Arisa, Sentul

Like M Oscar, M Arisa also boasts North-South oriented units. The building has also been built with green features in mind, so you know you’re living a pretty sustainable life. The property also has a multi-level sky garden and an express car park ramp. If you want to live the car-free life, that’s also possible. M Arisa is located just 5 kilometres away from the city centre and has a direct shuttle to the LRT and MRT stations nearby.  


Find out more about these properties and stay updated to our upcoming launches here! 


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