24 October, 2019

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7Types of Klang Valley Friends You CONFIRM Have One! - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: The Malay Mail

The Klang Valley is a huuuuuuge place that consists of people from all walks of life. From the city to the towns and even the outskirts, there are many of these people whom we have come to call friends. Having said that, if you’ve been living in and around the Klang Valley area, you’re sure to have encountered these types of people at one point or another.

1. The ‘Ada Gaya from Subang Jaya’ friend

Source: TongueChic

Hey, if Joe Flizzow himself said it, it must be true. Right? These are the friends who are up to date with all the latest trends and look like a walking Insta-worthy post. They’re basically the cool kids on the block. Of course, their daily essentials could be summed up in this picture:

2. The Atas KL-ite

Source: Hive Miner

This friend is the most ‘atas’ friend in your group. They dress to impress 24/7 and they’re always at fancy places, even for a light snack! They likely stay in the more ‘atas’ areas too like Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Bangsar and in the vicinity of KLCC. These are the friends that are usually quite dangerous to your bank account because they will always suggest ‘atas’ places to makan or lepak at. Their usual friend group (other than yours) consists of the expats who live around the area.

3. The ‘PJ is Better Than KL’ Friend

This friend has mad pride for the Petaling Jaya area. You will very rarely or never see them in KL because PJ is already such a huge place and it has everything they need! Plus, everything is cheaper! They always blame everything on the LDP Highway, even when it has nothing to do with the traffic.

4. The ‘Damansara Banana’ Friend

7Types of Klang Valley Friends You CONFIRM Have One! - WORLD OF BUZZ 1


No, it’s not a type of food lah! As you all know, a ‘banana’ refers to a Chinese person who doesn’t speak a word of their mother tongue or dialect. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside, just like a banana. These are the friends who grew up in Sekolah Kebangsaan and cannot speak a word of Chinese to save their lives. They are also continually judged by their elders during family gatherings.

5. The Friends in ‘Food Heaven’

These are the best people to be friends with. But let’s face it, you’re also friends with them because they have insider knowledge on where to get the best foods that their area is known for. Think somewhere along the lines of Petaling Street Beef Noodles. What to do, as Malaysians, we love to eat and nothing makes us happier than having good food we can enjoy with good company.

6. The ‘Puchong is Barren’ Friend

Source: The Star

This is the friend that you will always see around Subang or PJ from really early in the morning to really late at night to avoid the jam that is the Sunway/Puchong toll. They’re the ones who have had a taste of that Subang Jaya life (because those are the nearest colleges and universities to them) only to have to go back to Puchong at the end of the day. They usually complain that there’s nothing for them to do and are always game to lepak. If Puchong got nothing then why always jam one?!

7. The ‘Do-you-know-how-far-I-stay-ah?!’ Friend

These friends are the poor unfortunate souls who live all the way on the outskirts of KL and Selangor. They’re almost always the friends who will cancel on you last minute when you’ve plans to meet up.

Source: The Medium

You end up forgiving them anyway because the drive back to Bangi and Kajang is punishment enough for them.

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So, there you have it. Although each of these friends might have their little quirks, you can’t deny that having these bunch of friends makes your lives all the more colourful. And if you’re going down the list and you’re missing one of these people, chances are that person is you!

Source: https://www.worldofbuzz.com/7-types-of-klang-valley-friends-you-confirm-have-one/


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