15 October, 2019

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If you are currently an employee of a company, I’m sure all your colleagues come with different personalities and characters. Some are tolerable, some a bit cannot tahan. But this only adds life and colour to the office. Who wants to work with boring colleagues right? No fun leh!

So, we have divided these colleague types into seven categories, which you can probably find in every office. See how many you can relate to, or maybe you will even find that you are one of them!

1. The colleague who potentially escaped from Tg. Rambutan


This colleague is a bit gila one. Doesn’t abide by the rules, can’t sit still and is often dancing to imaginary music.

2. The colleague who doesn’t know Google exists


The colleague who is extremely blur and asks too many (sometimes obvious) questions until people don’t wanna layan. Also known as the Blur Queen/King of the office.

3. The colleague who always suffers from a food coma after lunch


The colleague who’s efficient with their work… until they come back from lunch. You can often find them either staring blankly into space or having a quick shut-eye. Zzz…

4. The colleague who always has a snack in their hand


Every time you look over to this colleague, they justtt have something in hand. They also like hanging about the pantry, wondering what snack to grab next, so you can be sure to blame them when the pantry habis stok!

5. The colleague who hits on every girl in the office

Mah Sing's Colleague

Every time there’s a new girl in the office, you can bet he’ll be the first to know. Not surprisingly, he’s the one that’s probably the least date-able! The thirst is stronk!

6. The colleague who is always going through a mental breakdown

Mah Sing's Job

This colleague may also seem like they’re about to be best friends with the Tg. Rambutan colleague. They probably push themselves too much until they can’t handle the stress.

7. The colleague who treats the office like their house


This colleague could take baths and naps in the office, and is so comfortable with everyone that they treat their work space like home sweet home.

While there are indeed many different types of employees, anyone can find a place in Mah Sing because the company always tries its best to ensure its employees are well taken care of, and can make their office a home away from home. Erm, hiring ah?

As part of their new Employer Value Propostion (EVP) called UPLIVE, paired together with an open office concept, Mah Sing encourages better social interaction between employees. Sounds like fun!

Mah Sing's Working Space
Photos courtesy of Mah Sing

Plus, their newly renovated office even comes with:

  1. A nap room (YES, A NAP ROOM!)
  2. A pool table & table tennis room
  3. A fully-equipped in-house gym
  4. Cosy “breakout areas” to make discussion sessions more casual
  5. 11 thematic meeting rooms
  6. A replica batmobile reception counter
  7. An entertainment room, where you can karaoke your heart out
  8. A section where you can hit a couple of golf balls
  9. A lactation room with three private cubicles and a refrigerator for storing milk

Mah Sing's Working Area

Mah Sing's Office
Photos Courtesy of Mah Sing

And guess what? Mah Sing is actually looking for more people to join their team! Yeap, you could just be the next person to enjoy all these facilities. Apply mou?

Whether your background is in marketing, IT or engineering, Mah Sing wants the chance to talk to you!

So, if you’re looking for a job that provides a homey environment where you can work with ease, you can find out more hereJust don’t tell your boss we told you this!

Source: https://www.worldofbuzz.com/7-very-malaysian-colleagues-youll-confirm-have-in-your-office/


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