Glittering Christmas Decor Galore In KL

There is nothing like twinkling lights, shiny coloured balls and rows and rows of holly, tinsel and berries decorating your favourite retail places to get you in the mood. After all, if we can’t go to Lapland and hang with Father Christmas and Rudolph and the elves, we can still soak up the Christmas spirit right here in town.

So we’ll do you a favour and give you a sneak peek at some of the glorious, glittering and in some cases, very clever and of course, gorgeous Xmas decor you can find in some of our favourite spots and malls.

Snowmen Ice Skating. No big deal.

Probably the most recognizable and most iconic retail giant in the whole country, Suria KLCC has supplemented its outdoor tree that stands at over three storeys high with a super-adorable Christmas village indoors at the concourse.

While the Christmas tree outside is lovelier to look at after twilight rather than in the day time, kitted out in fuschia, blue and metallic balls from tip to toe and strung with what looks like a thousand fairy light, the indoor Xmas decorations are a sight to behold.

The team at Suria KLCC obviously decided to up the cute factor as the houses are in gorgeous bright primary colours — they look precisely like the kind of homes you hope these round, tubby Santa-snowmen would live in, and there are no less than four Christmas trees dotting the perimeter of this Xmas village.

There is a ferris wheel (A FERRIS WHEEL!) on the edge of the Xmas village, a village that contains multiple Santas, some of whom are sitting cosily wrapped in scarves reading, while others are ice-skating. Snowmen ice-skating. Christmas would not be Christmas if you don’t head down and see this glorious display of the Christmas spirit. Here’s hoping they leave this adorable village with names like Candy Park and Santa Street, up till January.

A Star Wars Xmas

Ok, so this one falls in the Clever Category. Pavilion KL has combined Christmas with Star Wars and the effect is stupendous. There are storm troopers and a replica of a Millennium Falcon — really imposing and mind-boggling — crowding the centre court at Pavilion where the trees are pink and green and there’s just so many lights winking at you that it’s difficult not to get in the mood. This might explain why there are so many shoppers and visitors just sitting on the steps leading to the centre court simply gazing at the amazing display.

In addition to Christmas wreaths dotting every few metres on pillars on every floor, there is holly strung along most of the glass barriers on the first few floors. Some of the retailers, such as Cartier, have taken the Christmas spirit another step and adorned their own shop with holly and fairy lights.

Also, when you’re at the centre court, look up. You’ll see stars hanging from the skylight. It’s something else.

The effect is magical. Absolutely magical. Well done, Pavi.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around

So while some of us are gazing adorably at snowmen skating and storm troopers a-singing, The Curve has decided to have a beary merry Christmas with dozens and dozens of teddy bears of every imaginable shape and size dangling from the ceiling and draped almost everywhere in the centre court this year. There is bear house and sleds and sleighs, with toys and trees to boot. Kids love it. (We dare you to try and get a photo where a kid isn’t posing sat in the lap of a giant teddy bear.)

No elves and Santarinas, but hey, teddy bears! Teddy bears bigger than the biggest teddy bear your boo ever bought you.

Well done, Curve. We approve.

Rudolph Gets Glam

So very few think about how hard Rudolph has to work on Christmas day (billions of kids to send pressies to in one night — you try it!), so The Gardens KL has glammed Rudolph and his boys up and given the Gardens ground floor some really lovely touches.

On top of reindeers surrounded by some truly gorgeous decor, there are polar bears (polar bears!) but they’re not as menacing as the real ones. Check it out.

For sure, there’ll be many posting an Instagram post of themselves posing among the polar bears. We gotta give props to Gardens for the glorious winter wonderland decor.

It’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas.