You pay almost nothing when you sign up for an M Arisa home

Unless you’re born into wealth, adulthood carries with it many financial challenges – rising cost of living, unending bills to pay and necessary purchases to make. That’s why for many young working adults, especially those in urban areas, buying their first property is just a dream.

Mah Sing is turning this dream into reality with its launch of M Arisa, a contemporary condo replete with all the modern conveniences and located just 5km from the Kuala Lumpur city centre.

M Arisa Mah Sing

Priced from only RM299,000 for a 550-sq. ft cosy pad, this strategically-located condo in a mature neighbourhood is now a dream possible for young working adults to own their first home. This dream is even more realisable with the Government’s Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) that’s all out to help young working adults own their first home.

And for those looking at upgrading to bigger units without having to bust their bank account, M Arisa offers the perfect solution too, with several sizes of generous built-ups up to 1,008 sq. ft at affordable prices to meet your various needs and budgets. But more important than size are the meticulous designs that maximise every square inch of the place.

Financial assistance till year-end

Mah Sing Group Berhad has carefully timed the launch of M Arisa to coincide with the HOC. With its irresistible incentives, the HOC is all out to help the rakyat own properties.

Initially planned to end on 30 June 2019, the Government decided to extend the HOC to 31 December 2019 to help even more people purchase homes.

With the HOC, you’ll enjoy huge savings of at least RM40,000 and up to more than RM70,000, depending on the price of the unit when you buy an M Arisa property. Here are the incentives you’ll enjoy:

  • 10% discount of property price
  • 100% stamp duty exemption on Instrument of Transfer
  • 100% stamp duty exemption on the Instrument of Securing Loan

Let’s do a simple calculation of how much you can save, with these HOC incentives*.

Let’s say your M Arisa property purchase price is RM400,000 and your amount of loan is RM360,000 (90% of purchase price). Here’s what you’ll have to pay with and without the HOC benefits:

Details Without HOC With HOC
Down Payment (RM400,000 x 10%) RM40,000 RM0
Stamp Duty Loan (RM360,000 x 0.5%) RM1,800 RM0
Stamp Duty MOT (100,000 x 1% + 300,000 x 2%) RM7,000 RM0
Monthly Repayment (4.5% @ 35 years loan) RM1,703.72 RM1,703.72
Total Cost  RM50,503.72 RM1,703.72

The above table speaks for itself. You effectively pay nothing upfront when you buy an M Arisa property. Now, isn’t that a load off your bank account? So, don’t delay. Grab these HOC incentives now before it ends on 31 December 2019.

Book your sweet sanctuary at M Arisa now!

* Example taken from Property Guru