23 October, 2020


Home is where the heart is. When you imagine a home, you typically imagine a place that is self-sufficient. Meaning a place filled with all of life’s necessities, amenities and facilities at a great location. And, that’s what M Luna is.  

M Luna is a development on a 5.47-acre land situated next to the Kepong Metropolitan Park, or more commonly known as ‘Taman Layang-Layang’. Right before the evening comes, the sky would be filled with colourful kites and fun-loving rivalries trying to outdo each other in kite flying ability. A mesmerising sight that warms the cockles of the heart.  


M Luna Kepong condo

North-South Orientation 

Our country has been very blessed with a tropical climate and warm weather all year round, which most people who lived in countries with long harsh weathers could only ever dream of! But the scorching weather comes with a price – high levels of humidity. And the swelter can drive us nuts sometimes. But fret not! All the units in M Luna have been designed with a North-South orientation. This way, when the sun shines the brightest during the day, you will receive less direct heat. In turn, that helps in reducing energy consumption and the reliance on air conditioning. 


The Natural ‘Cooling’ Power 

Air conditioners have become a staple of our everyday life, especially in a hot climate country like Malaysia. It is difficult for us to navigate through our life without it. We depend on air conditioning so much to cool the internal spaces of our buildings, be it our offices or homes. But no matter how wonderful the air conditioner is, we must recognise its damaging effects on the environment. Just like any other machines that utilizes fossil fuel, air conditioners release harmful greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer, adding to global warming.  


With the world going green, we are all about natural ‘cooling’. Much of the cost of cooling your home can be saved by using all natural methods of beating the heat (psst you would still need the ceiling fans though!). With the well-being of people at the centre of design decisions, all the units at M Luna have been designed in such a way that the internal spaces are naturally ventilated, including the bathrooms. Each bedroom has at least two windows that are well-positioned to help you catch the natural breezes from the outside.  


For ventilation in the common corridors, window openings are placed on opposite ends to give these natural breezes pathways throughout the building. This way, you get cooler external air entering from one side while warmer internal air exits from the other. As a result, this provides an overall cooler environment. 


(Photo by Danilo Alvesd on Unsplash)



It’s Not Just About Free Water! 

As heat-trapping emissions continue to grow, climate change effects can be overwhelming. We know that overcoming such a challenge would require large-scale effort. However, we can always do our part in reducing its impact on our planet. This is commonly associated with the concept of carbon footprint – the amount of carbon emissions from our daily activities, and one example of what we could do to reduce our carbon footprint is by harvesting rainwater!  

The usage of a rainwater harvesting system in M Luna is part of our efforts to be green where we conserve water whenever and wherever possible. Most of our water usage at home contributes to our carbon footprint on our planet which might not be visible to us. The biggest contributors to excess water usage are typically washing machines, sinks, and bathrooms. 

But instead of contributing further to carbon emissions from the excess usage of water, rainwater that has been harvested at M Luna will be used to irrigate the surrounding landscapes. Did you know that we have been blessed with an abundance of rainwater considering that there is a high number of rainy days throughout the year in Malaysia (138 to 181 days in a year!)? 

(Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash)


Nature has been relying on rainwater for its growth since forever! And that still remains the case, even today. Have you ever noticed that plants usually appear to be greener and brighter after a good rain? That is because it is free from salts and chemicals, and better yet it’s free of charge! And that is why we are making the most of thousands of gallons of rainwater by installing a rainwater harvesting system at M Luna. 


The Future of Garbage Collection 

Gone are the days of messy waste disposal and overflowing waste bins. With the ‘stream pneumatic waste-management & centralised garbage disposal system’, all rubbish disposed down the chute is continuously sucked into a sealed container, which the garbage truck carts away without the need to open. It’s cleaner, efficient and more appealing!  

(Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash)

The notion of disposing overflowing, smelly garbage bags in the common garbage room is made a whole lot better by having a centralised waste collection point. The system has a sprinkler to clean the rubbish chute based on circumstances and additional discharge may be programmed when there is higher amount of waste. This will reduce the horrendous stench of garbage and you no longer have to hold your breath every time you take out the trash! Now isn’t that convenient?




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