Meridin East: Gateway to Lakeside Serenity

Many know the soothing, calming effect large bodies of water have on people; the popularity of seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds and pools are testament to how so many find it incredibly relaxing to simply be near any of these liquid oases of calm.

Imagine now living in a home from which you have a view of a vast lake. Imagine the space to be fringed by abundant greenery — strong trees that give you cooling shade from the midday heat and fierce equatorial sun, generous bunches of luxuriant bushes and flowers; imagine all this coupled with amenities and facilities such as a jogging track that weaves around this idyllic yet pristine neighborhood, allowing you to take a leisurely stroll when the sun is just breaking over the horizon, when half the world is asleep, or taking a brisk jog to give you the boost before you conquer the work day ahead.

There are many who dream of living in such lovely surroundings, and thanks to the vision of the teams at renowned developer corporation Mah Sing, such a pleasing space will become a reality.

Meridin East, a sustainable township located in the Eastern Gateway of Iskandar Malaysia, joins the list of immaculate developments envisioned and realized by Mah Sing all over the country.

Spanning over 1,300 acres, Meridin East is designed to be the get-away-from-city-life escape for those who crave open spaces filled with nature’s best creations – with central focus of this township being the nine-acre Mulberry Lake with the nearby Maple Embracing Park.

Even hearing the names of these spaces alone — Mulberry, Maple — conjures up feelings of relaxation almost instantly.

It is a lakeside community that is thoughtfully designed to accommodate ample facilities.

For those who love being in lakeside parks, there is a picnic garden where you and the family can enjoy the outdoors and have a cosy picnic when the weather is beautifully balmy.

For the more active, there is a bicycle lane as well as the jogging track that weaves its way around all the precincts, which means your neighbours are accessible on foot and on two wheels. Imagine popping round to visit your neighbour without having to get in your car — less carbon emissions!

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Each precinct within the Meridin East township has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate a children’s playground and parcourse (an outdoor gym) for parents, family and kids to use as part of a healthy and holistic living. Kids have ample space to run around without competing for space with other kids, while mommies and daddies can chill nearby with an eye on the kids.

When the time is right for parents to think about their children’s education, living in Meridin East brings with it the opportunity to be near to some of the best schools in the region, as international schools as well as educational institutions from kindergarten to secondary are fully expected to occupy the designated zones near the township. Residents in Meridin East can expect to have peace of mind knowing that there are ample educational facilities to choose from when their children reach school age.

The planners for Meridin East also know that access to reliable and trustworthy healthcare facilities is as important as access to education, and with this in mind, Meridin East is strategic in its location thanks to its proximity to multiple healthcare centres and hubs, such as the KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital, the Regency Specialist Hospital — to name a few — while other necessary providers of life’s necessities — retailers — such as Tesco Kota Masai, Mydin Mall Taman Rinting — are also within convenient reach.

These elements and considerations make Meridin East an attractive option for those looking to get away from the bustle of metropolitan life, who can see their lives growing in a lakeside community, in a location that is served by the Senai-Desaru Expressway. The expressway not only cuts your travel time to the city centre without congestion, but also provides connectivity to other major highways and networks such as the JB East Coast highway and Pasir Gudang Highway.

This makes Meridin East a refined and exquisite possibility for your next residence. Get in touch with the team at Mah Sing to find out more — your next dream home of truly content living could be just a call or a click away.