27 March, 2023

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Today, property investment in Malaysia is still considered as one of the top forms of investment in the country’s market compared to other high-risk investments.

However, if you plan to invest in Malaysian property or are interested to know more about property investment, you must first understand the common misconceptions.

By doing so will open up new opportunities for you and allow you to better learn the ropes of property investment in the country.

Misconception 1: Property Investment Requires an Ample Capital

The first misconception about property investment in Malaysia is that you will need ample or large amounts of capital to invest.

The truth is, you do not necessarily need to have a ton of capital to invest in property here in Malaysia as there are many property options that cater to your requirements.

There are several types of property investments in Malaysia and they are residential property investment, commercial property investment, retail property investment, industrial property investment and REITs.

So, choose one that fits your budget and investment goals.

Misconception 2: Property Investment Brings Immediate Returns

Another common misconception when you are buying your first property for investment is by thinking that you can immediately generate a profitable income through your investment.

It is true that you can generate income through the real estate rental method of property investing, however, it really depends on the property market situation in the country.

You cannot expect to have immediate gains after buying your first investment property but instead, look at it as a long-term investment strategy.

Through affordable investment in properties, for instance, you can later in the future gain returns once the price of the properties begins to rise or appreciate.

Misconception 3: Property Investment is Restricted for People with Perfect Credit History

Another popular misconception about purchasing an investment property is that you will need a perfect credit score or credit history if you want to start investing in property.
Of course, having a poor credit history can affect your chances of owning a property and a good credit score does make securing financing much easier.

Though having a good credit score can be beneficial, a perfect one is not a mandatory requirement for successful property investment.

Misconception 4: Property Investment Offers Easy Passive Income

If you think that property investment means you get to generate income without lifting a finger, think again.

Though property investment such as investing in the housing market is considered one of the most popular types of passive income generator, it’s not entirely passive.

Bear in mind that as a landlord, you will still be required to do some work like tenant care, marketing your property for rent and arranging for maintenance work.

Discover the Best Property For Investment in Malaysia with Mah Sing Today!

Before you decide whether or not to dive into property investment in Malaysia, it is vital that you know the misconceptions about property investment.

It is essential to understand the risks and opportunities involved so that you will be able to make the right and best decision for yourself because you are indeed taking a risk when you invest in a property.

If you are on the lookout for the best property for investment in Malaysia, Mah Sing offers a wide selection of top properties for your investment goals.

Explore all of our properties for investment here.


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