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Mention “Melawati” and the first thing that pops into most people’s minds is the zoo. Many even consider it a backwater area as compared to say, bustling Bangsar or prominent Petaling Jaya. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Wangsa Melawati, where Mah Sing’s M Adora condo project is located, is a thriving, lively location that’s bursting with energy and activity. Surprised? Well, just take a look at some of the exciting facilities and features this area has to offer.

Shopping satisfaction

If shopping malls are the pulse of a location, Wangsa Melawati is pulsating fast with at least four malls:

  • Melawati Mall
  • Wangsa Walk Mall
  • Aeon Alpha Angle
  • Setapak Central Mall

Photo by Marcin Kempa

In addition, Aeon Big is planted firmly here, attracting crowds of shoppers with its reasonable bargains. All your needs – fashion, furnishing, personal and household – are right at your doorstep with no need to travel long distances to satisfy your shopping desires.

But if you have a burning desire to burn some petrol, KLCC is only 9km away.

Die-die must try

Where there are Malaysians, there you’ll find the world’s best food. Wangsa Melawati may not offer top Michelin-star dining but you can find equally yummy food at a fraction of the cost, without having to pay sky-high prices. And there are many options to suit different palates and moods -variety is indeed the spice of life.

Here are some gems for food aficionados to check out:

  • Nasi Kak Wook Selera Wangsa Maju
  • Stiq
  • Kaw Kaw Burger
  • Kelate Kitchen
  • Hong Lai Hokkien Mee
  • Mali’s Corner
  • RSMY Best Cheese Naan
  • Wei Ji Claypot Chicken Rice
  • Di Yi Tai Taiwanese Food
  • Chuan Kee Bak Kut Teh

Photo by Filipe de Rodrigues

Psssttt…. We’re not highlighting any particular eatery ‘cos we each have our favourite and we’ll start clawing at one another once we start arguing on the best one. Food is subjective, so we’ll leave you to try all the above, and argue with your friends over which is king. Sharing is caring, so if you find any gems that are not listed above, please shout it out to us!

Exhaling exhilaration

After the feast, let’s torch some calories. Here are some calorie-busting places to check out.

MadMonkeyz Climbing Gym

Climb, swing and let loose like a monkey at this friendly neighbourhood climbing gym where you can find fun, fitness and other passionate monkeys. Get the adrenaline rush while building strength and agility, and losing the fat. You’ll be addicted to the thrill in no time.

Bukit Tabur

From indoors to outdoors, nearby Bukit Tabur is a popular hiking hill for the sturdier and more experienced climbers as it presents some tough hiking challenges. The spectacular sunrise view draws a steady crowd of especially young people, quite a remarkable thing considering some youth are not early risers.

Zoo Negara

Looking for something less strenuous but still in the outdoors? Well, the zoo’s the place! You can meet Xing Xing and Liang Liang, the Giant Pandas from China, and feed the animals while strolling the 110-acre grounds (or just a nick of it). There are over 5,000 specimens from some 500 species of mammals to get up close and personal with.

Photo by Debbie Molle

Boarders Tabletop Games Café

Ok, you won’t torch calories at this place but it’ll help keep your mind fit nevertheless. A couple of hours here with some buddies over some board games will fire the neurons in your brain as you plot and strategise your winning moves. The café also offers snacks and drinks like wedges, nachos, coffee and sodas to keep your brain sharp while you battle your board foes.


Wangsa Melawati is not without its attractions but we’ll just mention one – the iconic Royal Selangor Pewter that has gained worldwide fame. See how their fine pewter pieces are crafted and check out its Visitor Centre where you can try your hand at making a pewter jewellery to take home.

So much to do, see and eat at Wangsa Melawati. Who said it’s a sleepy hollow?

That’s why you need to check out Mah Sing’s M Adora condo, billed as the home “where the pulse of the city meets the sanctuary of the mountains.” Offering three sizes from 850 sq. ft to 1,200 sq. ft., this is the idyllic home for those seeking respite from the busy urban life without sacrificing the conveniences of city living.

Check out M Adora today.


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