27 November, 2019

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Traditional workouts such as running, swimming and playing sports are fine but hey, why not try something new and different to crank up the fun meter? When the workout’s fun, you’ll be flooding your brain with those feel-good endorphins that’ll help you achieve your aesthetic and fitness goals without you realising it.

Read on to see how you can blast your way through 2020 with these three ah-mazing trending workouts.

Rhythmic Cycling

First up is rhythmic cycling, which has been fast gaining traction for the past two years.  Rhythmic cycling exploded on the scene in the ‘80s in the US. Since then, the originators have been reinventing and constantly updating the workout to keep the fans pedalling. Bearing a sleek and fresh look, it has become one of the biggest fitness trends amongst Malaysians.

The classes help you burn fat at a higher rate and allow you to sculpt your arms and thighs. Bringing fun and top charting hits into the workout, the classes help build stamina, endurance and strength of your core muscles in your arms and legs.

The best part about these classes is the community they build. Although it’s an individual workout on the bike, the classes provide great camaraderie among the cyclists as they huff and puff their way to the finish line. If you fancy variety, try out Classpass – this allows you to gain access to different studios every month.

Most studios such as FlyCycle, Ministry of Burn & Aloha Cycle Club offer trial classes for beginners. A recent addition to the Rhythmic Cycling fold is Fit Cult, which also offers dance and functional training classes. Conveniently, Fit Cult is located near M Oscar, Mah Sing’s latest Freehold Residence. For more info, check out this comprehensive list of top spots here!

Start Slow, Flow

If fast-paced, heart-stopping intense training isn’t really your thing, we get you. So, let’s start slow – with yoga.

Some may think yoga is a piece of cake – that it’s a relaxing and holistic approach to fitness. Ummm….totally agree on its relaxation and holistic qualities but a piece of cake? No.

Yoga is one of the more challenging workouts, with all that contorting and bending and using muscles you never knew existed. And that’s the point – yoga is meant to build flexibility and strength without the use of functional weights. Instead, it uses your body weight to help train all your muscles, particularly of your core and arms.

Photo by i yunmai

Some people find it challenging to build their flexibility but with consistent practice and a never-die attitude, you’ll get there. Your breathing will improve, tight-knot muscles will loosen and strength increased. Yoga is particularly helpful if you do a lot of gym training as it helps alleviate your risk of muscle injury.

A trendy and holistic studio near M Vertica in Cheras (that is also highly recommended) is mYoga. They’ve created a safe haven for city dwellers to discover over 30 different types of yoga! A relaxing place that provides a veritable refuge from city madness, mYoga even provides Hot Pilates and high intensity workouts.

Group Training

When you work out in a group, the combined energy of your fellow buddies will propel you to push harder, jump higher, run faster and shout louder. Yes, there’s a lot of screaming and chest thumping when you do group workouts!

While group training is nothing new, 2020 will see this trend go to the next level. It’s the social aspect of group training that appeal to consumers, especially those that fall in the Millennial and Gen Z bucket. Considering that they make up 80% of all fitness memberships, it’s no surprise that group training’s popularity is growing in numbers.

Photo by Geert Pieters

In 2020, look out for classes led by professional trainers in community-based gyms such as Playground Fitness and Original Bootcamp KL Bravo, all located within a 10km radius of M Vertica in Cheras. Explore these classes and build a fun, long-lasting relationship with working out!

If you do try out the fitness studios mentioned above, or already have experience with them, do share your experience with us. We’d love to hear from you and be inspired. Until then, we hope you kickstart your #fitgoals with the variety of workout options posed in 2020!


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