Johor is the southern most state of Malaysia, with seas bordering Singapore and Indonesia.  Johor Bahru is the capital city and the economic centre of the state. Johor has a high level of manufacturing investment. From 2013 to 2017, there was a total of RM114.9 billion worth of investment in manufacturing in the state. In 2017, RM16.8 billion came from domestic direct investment and RM5.1 billion came from foreign countries like Singapore, China, the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and South Korea.

Perhaps you are a foreign business owner looking for a factory for sale in Johor Bahru. Many investors choose Johor because it is a cost-efficient model for their operations. Singapore businesses, for example, capitalize on the lower cost of running the business in Malaysia compared to back home in Singapore. As Malaysia and Singapore are neighbouring countries, international access is very convenient via several international road checkpoints, and across the causeway via international shipping ports and lanes.

Here is what you should consider before setting up your business or factory here in Johor:

#1 – Choosing A Strategic Location For Your Factory

As a manufacturing business investor or owner, the most important question is WHERE should your factory be located. Of course you would be transporting and handling many logistical situations, so is the area accessible by major roads, railway, sea or air? Consider your business’ markets and clients. How easy will it take to deliver products to your customers domestically or even internationally? How far are the nearest airports or cargo services? Is the factory connected by major highways? What about shipping options by cargo ships to surrounding areas and countries? Without a doubt, selecting a highly strategic location is a crucial consideration before you set up your business in Johor.

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#2 – What Business Manufacturing Service Facilities Are Available In The Area?

As a manufacturing business, you would probably like to have easy to find services and facilities such as factory staff, transport and logistics workers, warehousing and business management support. You may want to make sure the factory for sale you are planning to invest in has a ready catchment of manpower and services to support all aspect of your business.

It is recommended to investigate the current business activities where your future factory will be located. The award-winning bustling Tanjung Pelepas Port, for example, which is a 1,000-acre Free Zone, is already home to many global Multinational Corporations (MNC) such as BMW Distribution Parts Centre, CIBA Vision, Flextronics, TASCO, Japan Solderless Terminal, Pan Asia Logistics, Nippon Express, Indochine Bio Plastiques, JB Cocoa and many more. Being in an already reputable, bustling and established area is not only the smarter choice but will further increase the industrial and commercial activities to your own business.

#3 – What’s The Factory Infrastructure Like?

If you are on the lookout to purchase a factory for sale in Johor Bahru, it is worth considering what you are getting with your investment. Is it catered to suit your manufacturing needs and business timeline? Is the factory in a ready-for-business condition, or do you have to spend more money to refurbish or renovate the premises? Is the factory building pre-equipped with adequate power supplies to suit your manufacturing needs? Does it have security measures like CCTV and security measures and gates? Is there additional space for upgrading to larger built-up areas? These are some of the factory physical requirements that you have to decide upon and investigate.

Have You Heard About iParc At Tanjung Pelepas Johor?

Introducing Mah Sing Group‘s iParc, a 210-acre freehold industrial park which is located beside Port City, and 1 kilometre away from Port of Tanjung Pelepas. The modern corporate industrial park is accessible to Singapore by the Tanjung Pelepas Interchange, putting Singapore only 12 kilometres away via this highway. By air, it is located 25 minutes away from Senai Airport’s Passenger and Air Cargo service terminal.

The unique multi-functional industrial spaces being promoted is the 4-in-1 concept where both front- and back-end operational processes are catered for. Front-end operations like showrooms or corporate offices can be housed in the same space as back-end operations like warehousing and production. Offering several choices of built-ups, including Semi-Detached Factory lots for light industries with approximate built-ups of 5,075 sq ft and 6,475 sq ft; 3-storey shop offices with built-ups of 4,285 sq ft on plots of 22’ x 65’ and a commercial plot of 0.81 acres.

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