M Luna – Vistas of Bliss at the Kepong Metropolitan Park

The hustle and bustle of the city, the constant rat race and the density of the concrete jungle can get pretty old. Days get longer with the constant screeching of tires and car honks echoing in your ears. How we long to retire into an idyllic state of bliss and quiet. Is it too much to ask for?

Visual by Timothy Hubbard


Cue the Kepong Metropolitan Park, just a hop, skip and jump away from the dynamic city center of Kuala Lumpur. This enclave provides respite for those looking to escape the city life even just for a moment. Come dusk, the sunlit sky is littered with colorful kites, children and adults alike frolicking all across the lawns without a care, which is a sight that is bound to induce a smile even on the most hard-lipped of Grinches if we do say so ourselves. Cop a kite for as little as RM10 from the local vendors and watch it take flight.

Visual by Lomography.com


The park wraps around a vast lake, with rolling hills in the horizon. Avid fishers will be pleased to know that light angling is allowed here. A boathouse as well as water activities are also available to add a little entertainment into your outing. The stunning view from this spot makes for a perfect Sunday lazing routine by the calm of the water. Are you training to run away from your responsibilities? Make this park your training ground with its extensive 3.4km route. The scenic backdrop serves as the perfect distraction to your desire to give up. We kid.


Visual by GalMeetsGlam


Load up a picnic basket with pastries like rolls, tarts and pies, sandwiches and if you wish to localize it, curry puffs and kuih. Spread your mat out over the expanse of greenery, sit back and enjoy your meal! Being able to relax in a daze while in a food coma, surrounded by nature is the perfect lazy Sunday routine. Watch the kids tackle each other and fall over laughing while chasing after a football, smile at the old couples strolling the grounds holding hands, and be inspired by the athletes getting a sweat in.

And the best part of it all? How accessible it is to return home. Saunter across the street to M Luna and retreat into tranquility, knowing that you can do this all over again any time you want. Find out how to turn your dream home at this coveted location into a reality by visiting https://www.mahsing.com.my/m-luna/.