18 October, 2019

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As one of the more established and sought-after locations for its feature-complete access and amenities, Klang Valley is the first that comes to mind for local and foreign property buyers.

On the flip side, due to the maturity of location, finding the best property for your needs can be a daunting task due to the nature of its scarcity and fierce market competition.

However, as all things in life, making big decisions can be easy if you truly know and understand your main goals and needs. With the assumption that you are aware of your income affordability and budgetary spending, here are 3 important criteria for getting a landed property in Klang Valley with the best bang for your buck!

  1. Easy Access to Major Highways from new Landed Property in KL

NKVE, SKVE, KESAS, LDP, NPE and many more-these are the names of highways/expressways that you will hear pretty often as you travel in the Klang Valley. It would only make perfect sense if the place you are staying in has convenient access to these.

Some landed property buyers will think that one of the reasons staying in a landed property is to enjoy the serenity of the surrounding area by being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Then again, one of the perks of staying in Klang Valley is enjoying the convenience and wealth of amenities, be it health care centers, shopping complexes, schools and other places of interest.

Put this as your number one priority list when it comes to selecting a good landed property, especially in Klang Valley.

Mah Sing property 1

  1. Security of the Landed Property in Klang Valley

Security represents one of the most important yet overlooked factors, especially in getting a new landed property in Klang Valley. It’s important to analyze and understand the perimeters of a security implementation in the area of the property of your interest before settling down in it. Some good security features include highly secured fencing, round the clock patrolling, guest and resident verification system and strategic monitoring using CCTVs. Together with systematic and organized guard units, it offers ample protection for landed property owners akin to a comprehensive security solution in most high-rise residences.

A home is supposed to offer a peace of mind for you and your family. What good is a cheaply bought landed house when you feel afraid for your safety?

Mah Sing property 2

  1. Ease of Access to Public Transportation 

With great maturity of a city, comes great traffic congestion. If there is one thing that every property buyer looks for in Klang Valley (be it high-rise or landed), it will be the convenient access to LRT stations that run the Ampang Line, Sri Petaling Line and Kelana Jaya Line. Additional train lines include the MRT and KTM which are able to take you through and beyond the city center.

It may be taken for granted that the closer you are to train stations, the busier and more hectic the area, which is one of the factors that a landed property buyer might want to avoid in the first place.

However, as long as the distance between the landed property and the LRT station is within a manageable range (within 10 minutes driving distance), it becomes a more viable option for property buyers who want to enjoy the serenity of staying in a landed property, yet easily access nearby LRT trains to conveniently commute to many locations.


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