18 November, 2019


Where to Shop around M Oscar

We can’t deny it- shopping is and will always remain a timeless trend in this day and age. Consumerism coupled with our hot weather forces us into the abyss of shopping malls, where you find a variety of things to do. From actual shopping, to eateries, to entertainment, to grooming- the list is endless. Below are 3 key areas (old and new) that are vital components in the retail ecosystem surrounding M Oscar.

NSK Trade Centre

Closest to M Oscar are NSK Trade City and The Store. With NSK only a 1.5km drive away, it is highly popular amongst local residents for its cheap and fresh produce. Fresh produce include local ingredients (to make those ahhhmazing Malaysian dishes that put us on the world map), in-demand brands and house-brand items. NSK Trade City also actively run promotional campaigns, so be sure to keep track of their everyday prices. Open 24/7, you can expect to see crowds at all hours of the day, which is a testament to its low price and high quality items.

The Store

The Store, located a mere 3km from M Oscar, runs in similar way to NSK Trade City, with fresh produce, local and household brands being it’s unique selling points. With competitive prices, you can expect both The Store and NSK Trade City not to disappoint with selection and accumulated savings.

Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Roughly 5km away sits Pavilion Bukit Jalil, set to be the crown jewel of Bukit Jalil City. With expected completion by March 2021, Pavilion Bukit Jalil will feature a wide mix of retailers, attracting a steady pool of local and international visitors. That’s not all- Pavilion Bukit Jalil is also slated to be one of Malaysia’s largest regional shopping hub, with the award-winning retail management team of Pavilion KL fully supporting its operation. The mall is not a standalone- it will be fronting the Bukit Jalil recreational park and the Signature Shop Offices (these shops are successfully completed-imagine living so close to work!).

Mid Valley Megamall/The Garden

Not too far away (only about 10km) sits two of the more popular and comprehensive malls in the Malaysian market; Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens. Do they even need an introduction? Not limited to its retail components, both malls (located side-by-side), are also fully equipped with eateries and entertainment outlets and offices-they play host to some really cool companies like iflix, Accenture, Booking.com and Estee Lauder!. The Gardens even has a swanky residential and hotel component (say whaaat). It’s not hard to spend your entire day here; from working, to shopping, to eating, to catching a late-night show- both malls have an endless amount to offer.

Photo by Marcin Kempa

There you have it, 3 main reasons why you could never die of boredom in KL. With reasonable distances away from M Oscar, these malls are not just good-to-have’s around the area, rather they would add value to your stay at M Oscar!


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