Love is in the air — but do you really want to sign your heart over with a joint loan application this Valentine’s Day? 

 So you’re in love.  






You’ve made plans to spend the rest of your life together, bought matching outfits, and even went on countless holidays together. You’re now ready to take the next step — no, not getting married. Buying a house together! 

Before you jump the gun, take a step back and rationalise the idea. Love has a way of making everything look good and unproblematic. Reality isn’t always as lovely. Buying a home together means applying for a joint loan application — but is it really a good idea? Read the pros and cons below. 

What are the pros and cons of getting a joint loan application? 

Now that you’re familiar with the pros and cons of a joint loan application, it’s time to ask these questions:  

  • Are you both financially ready to commit as homeowners? Purchasing a home is a long financial commitment spanning 35 years. You won’t know what could happen in the future — you could lose your source of income or suffer from a chronic illness. If you and your partner are financially stable and at a point in your life where you feel ready to commit, then go forth.  
  • How will you split the costs for your future home? Money talk between couples is taboo and often uncomfortable. However, you will need to have this difficult conversation so that you both have a mutual understanding of how you should split the costs of your future home. Doing this from the start will minimise any future problems or disagreements.  
  • What is your exit strategy if you separate from each other? While unfortunate, it is common for couples to break up or divorce. Before this happens, discuss with each other your exit strategy for this loan: who keeps the house, how will you continue splitting the loan, etc. 

Want to continue spicing things up even after knowing all the implications of getting a joint loan application?  







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