24 October, 2019

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It’s been a long, hard working week. Your days are mostly coffee-work-sleep repeat. As the days go by, you realise that despite the fatigue, weekend plans sound…..fun! You search online for interesting activities, things you could do with not just friends and family, but also alone (for that much needed ‘me’ time). Well search no more, because whether or not you stay in Sri Petaling, the area is bustling with street activity and nightlife. From rows of bubble tea shops to boardgame cafes, this locale offers something for everyone, but below are our top four picks!

Art Meets Food

Dare to be the next Leonardo da Vinci or Rembrandt? If your answer is a solid YES, then Yorokobi Art just might be the place for you. Nestled in Sri Petaling’s Jalan Radin Bagus, this café offers art sessions topped with scrumptious coffee and cakes to spur your creative spirit whilst relaxing in good company. They provide art workshops and activities, organise teambuilding and party sessions and host an Art Jamming session which allows you to create your masterpiece and even bring it home to show off to your family!

Sri Petaling things to do

Photo by Yorokobi Art

The Art Jam sessions can be done solo or in groups, perfect for some ‘me’ time or even bonding with the kids, whatever you need. You’ll even get to meet Yoro, their 8ft paper machete bunny who also happens to be Yorokobi’s official mascot. If this tickles your fancy, check them out on their official website or Facebook page!

Chicken….on Waffle???

Riding on the food bandwagon, let’s talk about Chicken Waffle. Yes, you heard me right- there’s such a thing as chicken on waffle! Similar to the famous Duck and Waffle in London, this Chicken Waffle dish served in Soft Launch, Sri Petaling is possibly the most interesting food we’ve tried in a while! The waffle is topped with fried chicken (yumms) and egg and served with maple syrup. The trick is to pour the maple syrup over your dish so that you taste everything in one bite- if you’re salivating like we are, check it out at Soft Launch Café.

Sri Petaliang food

Embrace the bookworm in you

If you enjoy reading (don’t be shy!), Cite Book Garden is the place for you! Designed with a garden theme in mind, this quaint bookstore stores a wide selection of Chinese books from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. You’ll be sat on comfortable couches next to plotted plants and hanging ferns……sounds like a chill way to spend the weekend. If books are not enough to entice you, they even come with a small café, so you can breathe in that coffee aroma and tantalize your taste buds as you read. Visit their Facebook page here!

Korean Fashion Trend

It’s not just k-pop music that has infiltrated the Malaysian market, Korean fashion has too, and for good reason! Sri Petaling houses Jorya Weekend, a Korean fashion house that is perfect for women who are not afraid to show off some flair and confidence. Jorya Weekend sells bohemian style clothing that is often described as glamorous, funky and feminine, with an emphasis on lace, floral prints and ribbons. Check out their Facebook page!

Sri Petaling trend

Photo by drimenaim

Now that we’ve educated you with some interesting things to do over the weekend, you can kiss your fear of missing out (FOMO) goodbye! In all seriousness, we believe that life should be lived, so go ahead and sign up for that art class and explore things you haven’t yet!


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