Unique Furniture For Your Home

Think about the ambience in your home and how important it is. The furniture you place, the décor items on the walls and shelves, the colours you pick – these express your temperament, taste and style, whether you are spirited or contemplative, bold or conservative, chaotic or organized, spunky or reserved.

That’s why people spend countless hours going from store to store just to find the perfect lazy boy, picture frame or quirky motivational rug to welcome guests through the front door.

When someone mentions furniture, most of us immediately think of a particular Swedish brand that’s also famous for its meatballs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you’re one with a desire to be different, why not opt for something a bit more unique and out of the norm?

Where can you go to find such rarity?

Here are three places to scour for them. Happy hunting and go make a splash on your home.

Lasting Impressions

If you’re a fan of Chinese dramas and find yourself drawn to the oriental style interior fit for royalty, Lasting Impressions is THE place for you. Their products don’t consist of just furniture but also lighting, carvings, figurines and accessories, so you can be sure you’ll have the full experience of being the supreme emperor.

Lasting Impressions’ extensive selection of authentic antiques and wooden furniture bears a weathered look complete with intricate details. Working with many home decorators and interior designers across the country, every single item that carries the Lasting Impressions’ name has to meet a standard of aesthetics, function and value, consistent with its philosophy of quality.

If you have an appreciation for the finer things in life and want to express it through your living quarters, do pay Lasting Impressions a visit.

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Harith Green

Right now, Earth needs saving more than ever. No, this isn’t about a global apocalypse or an alien invasion of sorts, but about human consumption and sustainability. All around the globe, we are witnessing forests and other natural resources being destroyed and harvested at a rapid rate for their raw material. Motivated by greed and a consumerist society, this is actually devastating to the environment and despite all the evidence of science, some people still choose to turn a blind eye or worse, deny it altogether.

In comes Harith Green Carpenter (HGC), founded by Harith Ridzuan, a seasoned woodworker based in KL with an eco-friendly mission. With the goal of reducing waste, he incorporates reclaimed materials such as wood, pallets and metal, upcycled into his designs and works to create artistic and sophisticated products. To further promote a sustainability-first lifestyle, HGC also experiments with Malaysian-grown bamboo as an alternative to new timber.

To make it easy to support the business, HGC offers a wide selection of woodworking services – furniture, light fixtures, interior installations such as tabletops and shelves, kitchenware and many others. If what you’re looking for is a solid quality wooden dining table with an inspiring story, check out Harith Green Carpenter.

Source: https://www.onetechinternational.com/hgc 

Coreo Hida-Takayama Furniture

Other than their food, people and cutting-edge technology, Japanese are known for sticking to their deep-rooted culture and traditions, one of which is wooden craft. The craftsmen that originate from a northern city called the Hida region are especially known for their skill in constructing Japanese traditional temples. The same techniques used to build those temples were then applied to creating furniture of the highest standards, giving birth to Coreo Hida-Takayama.

Coreo means “THIS IS THE ONE”, a term used by the Japanese when they find the perfect item; this is the philosophy on which the brand was built upon.

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The concept of sophisticated simplicity has been popular in Japan for the longest time and we now see other countries following this trend. Each furniture piece is carefully crafted using a traditional method known as ‘bendwood’, where the pieces are joined together without nails in order to provide top-notch durability and strength. Not only that, to achieve the high standard of quality, the finishing touch has to be done by hand.

Coreo’s aim is to provide products of the highest quality. Their tabletops in particular are created from tree trunks, which are typically very expensive to produce and purchase. However, it’ll be worth every cent as Coreo’s pieces are not only exquisitely beautiful, but will last you a very long time.

Source: https://www.coreo-hidatakayama.com/

Immense satisfaction

Hunting for rare, unique pieces of furnishings is an adventure itself and can even be a very therapeutic experience. When you’ve found your gems after your long search, and finally placed them in the perfect spots in your home, the satisfaction is immense.

We wish you happy hunting and enjoy your finds.