15 November, 2021

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Mah Sing has more than several properties that will aid you in your search for a sustainable home.

We know you’re already doing your part to save the environment. You’re bringing bottled water out with you and using reusable grocery bags instead of plastic bags, which is great. However, did you know that your home can help you live a greener lifestyle, especially if you choose one that has green features? We’ve developed properties in Malaysia to do just that, offering quality builds with sustainable features. 

Let’s explore the sustainability features you should keep in mind the next time you’re on the lookout for a property to purchase. 

Rain Harvesting System

We’re lucky to have bountiful rainfall. It’s also an additional water resource for watering plants, flushing toilets, car washing, and more. Hence, a high-rise building that was built with a rain harvesting system is certainly an attribute you’ll want in a sustainable home. 

Here are some of our properties that include a rain harvesting system:

rainwater harvesting system at Mah Sing properties
Example of rainwater harvesting system at Mah Sing properties.

Natural Ventilation

Did you know that the direction in which a home is built greatly affects its natural ventilation? When a home is naturally airy, you won’t be using as much electricity to cool down the home. Mah Sing had this in mind when designing M Luna in Kepong and M Arisa in Sentul

Both properties were built in the north-south orientation, making the most out of the existing wind direction. This allows the home to have natural air circulation and ventilation, making it cooler.

north-south orientation at M Luna

Smart Home Systems

Besides utilising natural elements to make your home sustainable, it’s also worth employing the use of a smart home system. M Aruna in Rawang has been designed with a smart home system in mind. An example of how it helps with sustainability is the smart air conditioning system which monitors the temperature levels at home. 

Normally, you’d be tempted to turn on the air conditioning at full blast as soon as you get home, but it costs a lot of electricity. With a smart home system, you can pace it out and have the air conditioning turned on before you get home, ensuring a gradual decrease in temperature while using less electricity. 

Built Within A Green Belt

Nothing beats having the environment help your home be more sustainable. Take Meridin East in Iskandar Malaysia, Johor, for example. It’s built within 500 acres of green belt to help regulate the surrounding temperature. Imagine living in a home that’s constantly cool thanks to the greenery around it — that’s the best form of sustainability one could ever ask for. 

Meridin East is a township built within 500 acres of green belt to help regulate the surrounding temperature.

Quality Of The Build

Naturally, the best kind of sustainable house is one that’s built to last. That’s why Mah Sing strives to build homes that are of impeccable quality. “There’s a need to balance quality and affordability not just in the promised end product, but also in the real world benefits and performance experienced by our customers,” explained Mah Sing Chief Design Officer Kevin Lew. This, he said, is achieved by a process they use called “value innovation”, which is a balance between the cost and value. 

To ensure that the quality of Mah Sing homes remains exemplary, he cites stringent quality assurance and quality control as key attributes of their life cycle revolution. It begins from the early planning stage, through the implementation stage, and finally to the vacant possession stage. “Quality is always perceived to be expensive, but the result is priceless,” he said. “It is quality rather than quantity that matters and is well remembered long after the price has been forgotten.” 

Ready to live in your very own sustainable home? Take advantage of our latest campaign “Mah Sing NOW” to secure quality & sustainable home for your future. Visit Mah Sing NOW website for more info.


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