29 June, 2020

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A dream house is just a dream until it comes true. Have you been meaning to get into your new dream home soon but still uncertain on which one to settle in? Are you still considering the many options and possibilities that are made available in these uncertain days? Well, it is undeniably true that one should never rush or make a rash decision, especially when investing on a property. Thus it is often advisable for people to first do some research, go through websites and showroom galleries, get some real-life opinions from real estate personnel or even the investors themselves to get a much clearer vision and ideas on their real-life experiences on property investments.

Based on the NAR 2020 Generational Trends Report, among all generations of home buyers, the first step taken in the home search process was to look online for properties. 84% of home buyers used the internet to search for homes. Therefore, you need to be aware and have a basic idea on what exactly to search to speed up your home hunting process. Here’s a few tips to help you understand and apply real estate keywords searches to ease the journey to getting the perfect dream house you have ever wanted efficiently!

1) Be Specific On Your Search

As much as we know that a home is needed and that we are in a ready state to get it, oftentimes we lose track and forget the main reason, expectations and the desires of our dream home. Be specific in our searches so that the options could be narrowed down to choices that would fit and cater to our list of the perfect home without wasting much time and effort on the unnecessary ones. For instance, if you know for a fact that you want to get a new condominium unit with multiple facilities at KL city, then your search should be specific like “New Condominium at KL City With KLCC View and Facilities”, instead of just searching for “New Houses For Sale” which has no specific direction on your preferences.

2) Utilising Right Property Sites

Do some research and find out the best and hot selling property or real estate agencies that are known to provide only the quality homes at appropriate rates. Using the specific keywords searches, apply them to the various websites and social media pages to get insights and latest promotional deals that could possibly suit your dream house criteria and budget. Make use of websites, newsletter, welcome promo codes or even festive promotions that would be shared on emails.

3) Check Out the Neighbouring Deals and Offers

Once you have gotten a specific idea and are able to search up for some solid options online, try to refine your searches like the location, type of properties or its sizes to something else, yet similar, to get a better variety of results that may offer better deals to suit you even more. For example, try mixing up the previous keyword search to “New Affordable Condo Unit around Kuala Lumpur for Sale” whereby you now emphasize on the word “affordable” and “New Condo” simultaneously on a larger location base.

Making Your Dream Home Come True

Remember to take your time, make thorough consideration and always look up to various reliable resources before making one of the biggest decisions in your life. It is better to be careful than to be a lost child in the woods.

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Mah Sing Properties: We don’t just build houses. We build communities – kinships that are fostered in a conducive living environment of comfort that grows and thrives. Like the property market, we constantly evolve to respond to market demands by reinventing the definition of affordability to provide home buyers with affordable luxury. Our quest for excellence is a continuous journey much like our hope to improve the lives of home dwellers. That way, we are not just a Malaysian house developer, but a house developer for all Malaysians.





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