30 November, 2020

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Situated in the northern region of Kuala Lumpur, Sentul is a fairly large town that is segregated to Sentul East and Sentul West. Sentul East comprises mainly commercial units while Sentul West, which commands a larger area features primarily residential properties. The emergence of new developments drove the once-forgotten township to rejuvenate its former glory.

The current Sentul makes for an excellent value proposition attracting various investors, it is also ideal for working adults that need to travel to the city centre for their daily commute. Living in Sentul also means living just 5km away from the city centre, imagine all the time saved that could be used elsewhere; further enriching your lifestyle. Let us not forget that living in a condo in Sentul also offers one of the most beautiful skylines in the world given its close vicinity to Kuala Lumpur.

With all that is said and done, it is perfectly understandable if potential home buyers are still on the fence about securing a condominium in Sentul as purchasing a home is one of the largest big-ticket items one can make in our lifetime. This is why some property developers have launched various campaigns to make potential home buyers’ property purchasing experience smoother.

view from the sentul condo

Mah Sing Group

Well regarded throughout Malaysia as one of the leading property developers, Mah Sing Group is backed by a vast 26 years of history and a proven track record in meeting and sometimes even exceeding property buyers’ expectations. Their latest campaign, known as “Eazy To Own”, enables a much “Eazier” homeownership process, no pun intended.

Eazy To Own

Eazy To Own is a rent-to-own scheme that offers buyers greater flexibility and cash flow efficiency. It is uniquely tailored for those who aspire to be a house owner but are unable to do so due to the relatively higher initial cost. If you are looking for a new house in Sentul, check out some of Mah Sing’s properties such as M Centura which is featured in the campaign.

Here are some reasons why you should consider the Eazy To Own campaign:

  • Low Entry Payments

    • The initial payment is always the primary hurdle that deterred many homebuyers from their dream home. Now with Eazy To Own, you only need to fork out 1% deposit and nothing more to secure your dream house.
  • No Payments During Construction

    • You only have to service your loan upon the completion of the project after vacant possession.
  • Attractive Financing Plan

    • Mah Sing’s Eazy To Own campaign is done in collaboration with Maybank’s HouzKEY home financing solution, this means that buyers will have one less thing to worry about in terms of financing as home buyers will be able to enjoy low monthly payments with up to 90% financing.
  • Instant Price Lock-In

    • Buyers are able to lock in today’s purchasing price and keep the price for up to 5 years, upon which they are able to decide to buy later at the locked-in price during the 5 year period. Buyers sitting on the fence after all the aforementioned enticing offers may find this to be the clincher.

Did we mention that in conjunction with the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) that will be ongoing until 2021, buyers stand to enjoy additional financial incentives such as full stamp duty exemption on MOT and Loan Agreement depending on the price range of your desired house? Do note that HOC is only available for newly launched projects but fret not, Mah Sing’s new launches will surely be able to meet your requirements.

Capitalizing on their track record on delivering fully integrated developments with residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial developments, Mah Sing delivers a holistic living environment for home buyers.

For buyers that are still contemplating their purchases, waste no more time as the combo of Eazy To Own + HOC is an opportunity that only comes once in a blue moon, head over to https://www.mahsing.com.my/eazy-to-own/ to learn more.

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