29 October, 2019

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Picture your dream home – what does it look like? We’re sure it looks beautiful, but as you know, getting a house is no walk in the park There are too many questions, and no one with all the answers. “How much would it cost? How do I get a home loan? What happens if my application gets rejected? Heck, where do I even begin?” If you can relate to this, read on because this might be just what you need.

Introducing Madam Loan by Mah Sing and RinggitPlus, Malaysia’s first educational home loan registration chatbot! With Madam Loan by your side, you’ll learn the A-Zs of home financing anytime, anywhere. And because she’s an automated chatbot that won’t judge you for asking trivial questions, you have nothing to be ashamed of, so fire your questions about home loans away.

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That said, here are 4 useful features Madam Loan offers that’ll come in handy.

  1. Find out the loan amount you are eligible to borrow.

Have you wondered how much you’d be able to get for a home loan? With the help of Madam Loan, you can find out for sure. There’s no need to be at a physical bank to fill in multiple forms and most importantly, no waiting time. All you need to do is inform Madam Loan your monthly net income and current monthly commitments (such as car loan, personal loan, even bubble tea), and using the latest bank calculation formula, Madam Loan’ll have your maximum indicative loan amount right away.

  1. Government financing schemes to help you with your dream home purchase.

Great news! As part of the Malaysian Government’s initiative to help the rakyat own homes, there’s an array of home financing schemes available to a host of Malaysian citizens, like first-time homebuyers, loan rejects, bad credit recorders and low- to medium-income earners. With each financing scheme catered to a specific group of people, you’ll receive a substantial amount to kick-start your journey to being a homeowner. For example, the MYHOME scheme provides a subsidy of RM30,000, Youth Housing Scheme offers applicants RM200 per month for 2 years to service monthly instalments, and the MyFirstHome Scheme gets you a 100% home loan amount without you forking out the initial upfront 10% downpayment.

  1. Find a property that’s most suitable for your lifestyle

The three most important factors when deciding on which home to buy are: location, property type and budget – and that’s all Madam Loan needs to know to recommend the most suitable home for you. With over 50 available projects nationwide by Mah Sing, just select your preferred location (Kuala Lumpur/Selangor/Penang/Johor), property type (landed/high rise/retail) and preferred price range and there you have it – available choices that you can pick from and call home.

  1. All you need to know about home loans

Madam Loan is equipped with the knowledge of a mortgage specialist, the patience of a chatbot, the non-judgmental spirit of a saint. Don’t be embarrassed to ask her anything you want to know about home loans. Loan application procedures, mortgage types and info, fees & charges, even how to save on interest costs, Madam Loan is your go-to for all your home loan questions.

Madam Loan is an amazing, longsuffering chatbot that’s here to help you. If you’ve got any questions on home loans, just reach out to Madam Loan from wherever you are, whenever you want to.

So start your journey to home ownership today at www.madamloan.com.my


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