3 April, 2020


M Luna – A Union of Family

The moon is a beautiful enigma we can’t seem to fully figure out – she plays muse to poets, writers and artists alike, and though enveloped in shrouds of dark clouds she can’t help but to mesmerize. Every time we look up at her, we can’t help but to feel a strong sense of profoundness. It’s no wonder that she happens to be M Luna, Mah Sing Group’s latest brainchild’s namesake!

‘Luna’ is the Latin root-word for lunar, or simply put, the moon. In Roman mythology, there’s also a revered goddess of the moon with the same name!

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In Asian culture, the roundness of the moon symbolizes wholeness, unity and perfection. Asians have strong affinities to their families, and the moon represents their strong values of family union, brightness and gentleness. They even love to sit at round tables during meals because every single person is able to be in close proximity with each other and share food and the entire dining experience, making it inclusive for all parties!

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Chinese families reunite to celebrate the day that the moon is at its fullest. The Mid-Autumn festival brings generations together to bond over a meal and indulge in round mooncakes. Plus points if there are full yolks inside them! Two halves of a broken round mirror symbolizes couples who were torn apart coming back together. Now that gave you more feels than any Nicholas Sparks novel ever did. Every single nook and cranny of M Luna is inspired by the circles of connections — the harmony of a community and the support it brings and the thick blood ties we have between family members.

M Luna sits comfortably next to the popular Kepong Metropolitan Park in the township of Kepong, and its stellar location being surrounded by hot spots such as the Forest Institute Research of Malaysia (FRIM), Batu Caves and even Genting Highlands in the horizon make for perfect family bonding activities! This beautiful property seeks to be an oasis for those hoping to retreat back to the warmth of their families and reunite with them! With features like a gigantic 2.5 acre deck with over 30 different facilities for people of all walks of life to indulge in, it looks like absolutely no expense was spared in making sure that M Luna serves as a space for solace.

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M Luna is a testimony that no matter how far we wander off and despite whatever meandering paths this crazy journey called life takes us on, it will always lead us back full circle to the most comforting place we know – home. Discover the wonders of M Luna at https://www.mahsing.com.my/m-luna/.


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