12 November, 2019


Viewing Mah Sing’s M Vertica Show Unit In KL

Sometimes we wish we could live in a show unit.

We recently visited the show unit at M Vertica KL City, a new service apartment developed by the Mah Sing Group

Standing more than 50-storeys high, M Vertica is probably going to be the tallest luxury condominium in KL. It’s a 10-minute drive away from the city centre, and strategically located within walking distance to the Maluri MRT and LRT stations.

The property is reported to be really popular with homebuyers not just for its strategic location, but also for its creative show unit’s design. Here’s what we liked:

1. The overall design reminded us of ‘The Great Gatsby’

Image via SAYS

While most show units prefer to use light and bright colours, M Vertica’s interior design team chose to furnish theirs with a darker colour theme.

Dark mahogany built-in cabinets are paired with feature walls covered in grey wallpaper, and some even used black marble tiles. At the dining area, you’ll see navy blue velvet seats that make you want to touch them so badly.

Image via SAYS

2. The nursery room is really, really cute

Image via SAYS

The room nearest to the master bedroom was designed as a nursery, and it’s super cute. The nursery looks brighter than the other rooms, using pastel colours like pink, beige, and light blue. We love the colour option as these are calming colours that have a calming effect on people, especially young children.

Also, there’s a giant teddy bear. Any room with a giant teddy bear is the best.

3. There’s a subtle hint of gold in the decor that makes the space look really elegant

Image via SAYS

Many people are afraid to use gold as it’s very bright and rich colour. Too much of it makes everything look gaudy; but use it well and your living area can be instantly transformed into the lounge of a luxury hotel.

And the interior design team for this show unit nailed it.

4. The bedroom looks super inviting

Image via SAYS

The dark colour scheme makes the room look really cosy, what with the grey blackout curtains and thick covers.

Having a dark bedroom is good for your sleep too. Our eyes are super sensitive to light – a single ray of light is able to stir our optic nerves and wake our brains up. Thus, it’s highly recommended for you to sleep in a dark room, just like this one!

5. The bathroom looks pretty atas too

Image via SAYS

Each unit comes with two bathrooms, which are decorated really luxuriously. In the bathroom attached to the master bedroom, the basin and toilet area is divided by a row of black railings with gold fittings. Even the mirror had a golden frame!

The shower area for the communal bathroom is covered in small black tiles with specks of amber, which really makes it stand out. As interior design enthusiasts would say, the difference in tiling adds “texture” to the space.

Image via SAYS

6. They transformed one of the rooms into a jazzy-looking music area

Image via SAYS

All of M Vertica’s units come with at least three bedrooms. One of the bedrooms in the show unit is converted into an open music area, so new and small families can have an idea on what to do with the extra space.

The gramophone and black-and-white wallpaper really adds on to the Golden Age of Hollywood vibe of the condo.

We were told that this condominium will have more than 40 facilities, including two huge swimming pools and a ladies-only gym

The facilities area will be located on top of the car park building, which will be connected to the residential blocks by link bridges. Residents will have four zones of different facilities to enjoy:

– Sport Avenue, which includes a futsal court, basketball court, tennis court, and open lawns with rest areas
– Active Zone is an area with family-friendly facilities, such as a BBQ and picnic area, playgrounds, a maze garden, etc.
– Passive Zone, specially designed to house health and wellness facilities like a yoga deck, viewing deck, chess station, and a variety of gardens.
– Aqua Zone includes two huge pools (for swimming and wading) and a jacuzzi.

M Vertica will also have two gyms, one of it created just for women so they have a safe and convenient space to workout.

With an entry price of RM450,800 for their 850 square feet unit, it’s no wonder that 85% of the first block have been taken up

Image via PropertyGuru

M Vertica recently had a two-day preview for Tower A and about 85% of the available 808 units have been booked by eager homebuyers. There are two types of unit build-up to choose from:

Type A: 850 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Type B: 1,000 square feet with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.


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