16 October, 2019

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To some, looking for that perfect place to call home can be a tedious task, let alone owning one.

With all factors taken into consideration like location, price and the knick-knacks that comes with it – The average Malaysian would also need to look at financing eligibilities and the ever-confusing packages offered by banks before making the big decision.

In this context, adequate property knowledge is key but for a first-time homebuyer, to what extent would this knowledge be considered ‘enough’ for you to seal a 30-year loan tenure deal?

That’s where I come in.

So if you’re at a loss with the lingo and jargon, thrown off balance with a million and one loan packages, read my tips below to take the edge off your first (or maybe second) purchase for a smooth sailing homeownership. Keep in mind that this isn’t a step-by-step guide but rather some key pointers to get you started.

Oh, and you’re welcome.



Let’s face it, though properties appreciate over time, it’s no excuse to draw a conclusion with little to no research. To start you off, look for these key elements:

  • Personal Requirement – Find a house that you yourself would consider settling in for 5 to 10 years. This will help justify the investment spent on acquiring it in the first place.
  • Location – You want a comfortable neighbourhood, easy to commute with sustaining amenities. Spend time to check the area to find out its potential like i.e rental yield.
  • Developer – Different companies, different portfolios. When it comes to developers, a good track record is what sets them apart. A quick check HERE should do the trick and if need be, check for blacklisted developers HERE.



It’s imperative to know your limits so you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Crucial points to note:

  • Financing – Most banks would (especially for first-time buyers) offer a loan for up to 90% with the remaining 10% as the downpayment borne by you. If you don’t have that ready, an option would be to tap into your EPF account HERE.
  • Eligibility – Keep in mind that the monthly repayment plan should normally not exceed one-third of your household income, in line with the Debt Service Ratio (DSR) recommendation by Bank Negara. Consult experts to be 100% sure before you submit your loan as rejected loans will be recorded in CCRIS, affecting your future applications. RinggitPlus offers a good DSR reference HERE.
  • First-Year Figure – That 10% downpayment isn’t conclusive of ‘extra’ costs that come with the house. Expect to cough more cash for renovation (if any), furnishing and bills like utilities, quit rent and tax.
  • Savings – While this is the last in the list, it should also be the first to be taken into consideration. Practising financial prudence should start as early as possible so when it’s time to make that decision, you will have enough cash surplus to secure a home. Besides savings, INVESTING should be an obvious choice here.

I’m sure all this information might be baffling but apart from all the vital points, I would also suggest picking a house (and the loan that comes with it) within means. Alternatively, to find out loan eligibilities, you may also talk to me.



  • Putrajaya Patronage – With over 50 developers on board, the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) is by far the best initiative to help Malaysians (like you) own a house as all units registered under this campaign will come with ZERO stamp duty (for properties below RM1 million only) and 10% discount on house prices. As an option, stateside efforts are also running consecutively like the Skim Pinjaman Perumahan (SPP) by Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan (KPKT), Kuala Lumpur’s RumaWIP and Selangor’s Rumah SelangorKU.
  • Web Help – For a more convenient approach, some online platforms do offer assistance to help you with your purchase. Home loan calculators like THIS from RinggitPlus gives you a clear picture on the figures you should be prepared for. Some banks like CIMB and Maybank also offer their version of online calculator to gauge your estimated monthly instalment and total eligibility.
  • PERSONALISED ASSISTANCE – While you may be tempted to pick up the phone to throw some questions to an agent or broker, there’s also a more personalised online guidance to answer ALL your property queries discreetly and privately and that’s ME! Apart from helping you pick and choose the best loan package to suit your need, I can also automate your application process to multiple banks and recommend what type of property that best fit you and your personality. I can also give you personalised guidance on property literacy and help you make that big decision. Remember, with great knowledge comes great property. Come and talk to me today!


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