2 April, 2020

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Sustainability in Mah Sing Projects

We’re only four months into 2020 and already people think the world is ending soon – a reenactment of Y2K, some may say? We wouldn’t be surprised. In all seriousness though, environmental issues seem to be sprouting up every other day – from the bushfires that devastated Australia’s outback, to volcano eruptions in the Philippines and the burning of the Amazon, it’s high time we took more measures to keep our environment in check

Sustainability has been a big buzzword as of late, and we hope it isn’t just a fad but a concept and practice that is here to stay. The textbook definition of ‘sustainability’ refers to being able to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Ultimately, it’s a concept of preserving the current resources that we have for the future. Living in an era of globalization means that we get to see development sprouting left, right, and center. It also means that we get to see the impact of it real-time. I’m sure that there has been many a time that we may have been caught in a flash flood, or gotten annoyed at the reverb of constant drilling in our ears.

Unfortunately, the real estate sector has been guilty of being a major contributor to the ongoing global environmental issues due to the nature of their work utilizing large shares of resources and energy consumptions. The development sector has their finger in the pie as well in contributing towards carbon dioxide emissions, energy requirements, water usage, solid landfill waste, raw materials and energy consumption. The effects of these are apparent through the occurrence of pollution, landslides, excess waste… the list goes on.

However, Mah Sing strives to prove that generalization wrong. With ‘Reinvent Spaces, Enhance Life’ as their mantra, Mah Sing is doing its part in enhancing the lives of the community and their stakeholders, simultaneously ensuring that the future generations are able to reap the benefits from their current property developments. In this day and age, it’s imperative that we make wiser & more ecofriendly decisions, and that includes where you choose to call home as well! Here’s just a few ways of how Mah Sing incorporates sustainability into their projects — and how you can too.

  1. Loco for Local!

It’s time to stop importing and spending so much on foreign goods and items. Why spend RM299 on Japanese tomatoes (yes, this was on the news) when you can support local individuals by getting homegrown tomatoes that work just as well from the local farmer’s market at a tenth of the price? In the same way, Mah Sing partners with more than 90% of local suppliers when it comes to procuring for their projects, particularly those who are able to meet their sustainability requirements. Partnering with local businesses allows them to invest in the communities in which they operate, all the while reducing shipping and transportation costs, as well as their carbon footprint as items don’t have to be loaded onto a plane or a ship and transported millions of miles away. Supporting local businesses also promotes more local wealth, creates job opportunities, reduces the usage of fossil fuels, and retains the uniqueness of the local communities! An A+ in our book, if you ask us.

Visual by: DearDesigner.co.uk
Image link to: https://deardesigner.co.uk/benefits-of-a-beautiful-balcony-garden/#comment-156900

  1. Going Green

If you live in the concrete jungle and want a little sliver of green in your home, try planting a basic backyard or balcony garden! Windowsill boxes are great for planting micro herbs and small patches. Or, if you have the space, saplings and plants in your backyard! They’ll also save you a ton of money if you succeed at cultivating some produce. Aligning with the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry (KeTTHA)’s Green Technology Master Plan (GTMP) initiative to promote a greener lifestyle, Mah Sing ensures that all their projects are set to meet all the Government’s goals by embracing green development, green features which promote savings and conservation, and incorporating elements of nature wherever they can. For instance, one of Mah Sing’s latest project – M Arisa – has an urban forest design concept and boasts 1.5 acres of green environment and open spaces such as a sky garden and urban farming plots. M Arisa also provides shuttle bus services to the nearest MRT/LRT stations to promote mass transportation. Meanwhile, M Centura homes are fitted with a rainwater harvesting system, a centralized garbage disposal system, laminated safety glass panels that reduce heat and noise, and even electric vehicle charging stations for hybrid and electric cars. Now the only thing you’re missing is a Tesla.

  1. No Haste to Waste

Even if it doesn’t spark joy, don’t just throw it out! Being smart about waste management and being able to discern if something can be salvaged, reused or recycled is one of the pinnacles of sustainability. For instance, moisturizers that are too rich for your facial skin can be used as lotions on other parts of your body! Mah Sing requires all its contractors to manage their waste wisely. Excess concrete from concrete sampling tests are used to patch holes on the project site; crushed waste concrete from demolition works are used to build a ramp on project sites; segregation of waste according to various categories such as plastic, paper, cardboard, scrap metal and domestic waste, and even the composting of food waste on the project site as fertilizer are just some of the sustainability methods that Mah Sing employs.

Visual by: The Conversation
Image link to: https://theconversation.com/greenwashing-corporate-tree-planting-generates-goodwill-but-may-sometimes-harm-the-planet-103457

  1. Culture Vulture

And of course, sustainability starts from within. The eco-warrior movement is even stronger than ever, and there are heaps of activities, workshops and initiatives that you can educate yourself with and take part in. For instance, the Urbanscapes festival held every November city-wide hosts sustainability themed workshops, and structures made out of waste stand tall in the festival grounds in all its glory. Mah Sing strives to instill a sustainable company culture by giving back to the environment as much as they can through team-building activities like shrub planting, paddy field preparation, the planting of 600 mangrove samplings in the mangrove forests, jetty refurbishments and river cleaning, to name a few.

Image from Mah Sing

Mah Sing properties are a stellar choice – not just to call your humble abode, but also if you’re seeking to become more environmentally conscious as well! Rest assured that you and your family will be playing your part in ensuring the longevity of this planet we call home when you live in a Mah Sing home.


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