Best Christmas Movies To Binge Watch At Home

Forget Netflix and chill. It’s Christmas and the perfect excuse to shut the world out (and chill) and lose yourself in the magical suspension of disbelief and totally believe that Santa is dropping by with the love of your life in his Santa bag. (You wish!)

Seriously, though: you’ve schmoozed with the fam bam, you’ve opened the pressies, you’ve had your holiday tipple with the mates. Now it’s time to lose yourself to movies and films and sleep till lunch the next day.

Here’s our absolutely biased list of recommended Xmas flicks to make the season just that little bit merrier and that bit more indulgent.

The Holiday


Do we need to give any other reason other than the duo of gorgeousness that is Jude Law and Cameron Diaz? (We do? Ok, fine.)

This is schmaltzy rom-com at its best, which is precisely what you want during the holidays. There’s oodles of style — see the beautiful homes in England and LA, and, of course, Cameron Diaz in high-octane fashion — and then there’s Jude Law.

Oh, and there’s Jack Black giving this flick some levity and humour, and Kate Winslet in the swimming pool.

Most of all, it’s a light-enough holiday flick that examines the question of starting fresh and shedding our emotional baggage, if you find yourself ‘stuck’ at Xmas. It’s also so close to the New Year. How apt.

Love, Actually


This is a classic, though some may groan and roll their eyes and proclaim, “THIS one, again?!” The thing is, the star-studded cast is overwhelmingly awesome. Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, etc etc etc. Then you have that incredible scene where Colin Firth flies to Portugal to declare his love to that waitress, and Hugh Grant making out with his former staff backstage at the school Xmas concert.

Also, the soundtrack is stupendous.

Home Alone


When Macaulay Culkin was damn cute and before he grew into a lost teenager and forgotten adult. A quick unscientific poll among friends revealed that this classic, despite being many, many years old, is still an enduring favourite. Boy is left at home alone for Christmas when his large boisterous family accidentally forgets him.

Also, it’s fantastic for giving us ideas on how to pass the time at home, alone, when all we have is time on our hands and a pressing threat of buffoon-like burglars.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

While we don’t support anyone being half-scared during a season that is about peace on earth and merrymaking, maybe, sometimes, for some, all that saccharine feel-good-ness gets a bit much and we need a counterfoil and some darkness.

This Tim Burton piece is a visual feast of artistry with just the right dose of the creepies, such as a skeletonised Santa.



Come on, this is a classic and you know it. Your guy friends will love it because the storyline involves the kind of boyhood shenanigans that only boys know, while seeing Gizmo in a Santa hat is all the cuteness you need.

Don’t know what a Gizmo is? Gizmo is a Mogwai. Don’t know what a Mogwai is? Watch Gremlins.

Secretly you want your own Gizmo, but pre-midnight. (You will, after watching this.)

Now you understand where the phrase “there are gremlins in my closet” comes from!

Bonus Extras

Here are some other gems which you may consider if your flick-feast feels incomplete:

The Family Stone with Diane Keaton and Sarah Jessica Parker — heartwarming and surprising

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang starring Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer — intense and a visual feast

While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman — fun and sweet

Enjoy the holiday season!