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Southville City by Mah Sing Group
Looking At Bangi For Sale Of Property? 3 Reasons Why It Deserves A Serious Consideration
Properties at Bangi is still within affordable range for property seekers that are looking for a more serene environment yet with notable facilities & amenities.
18 June, 2020
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m vertica cheras condominium
The Top 6 Best Condominiums in Kuala Lumpur to Invest in Now
Looking for a condominium in Kuala Lumpur to invest in? Here are 6 new condos for sale in KL for you to check out now.
16 August, 2022
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Why Property Investment In Malaysia Is Still The Best Kind Of Investment Now
Are you currently looking for the best property investment in Malaysia? Buying a house for investment sounds like a great idea. Here are a few properties to check out.
16 August, 2022
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7 New Mah Sing Launches To Watch Out For In 2022
Make 2022 the year you get your very own home—let Mah Sing make it possible for you with our exciting new launches this year.
10 March, 2022
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How To Use Step-Up Financing To Get Your Dream Home
If money has always been the biggest hurdle to getting your very own property, perhaps step-up financing is your solution.
10 August, 2022
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M Vertica Podium Deck
M Vertica: The Tallest Luxury Condominium Rising in Kuala Lumpur
With a total of five high-rise towers, M Vertica ranges from 850 sqft to 1,000 sqft, with a large landscape and facilities deck. Read our blog for more.
18 November, 2019
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Businesswoman Holding Magnifying Glass Over House Model
A Complete Property Inspection Checklist For Your New Home
Getting the keys to your new home is always an exciting event, but ensure that you conduct a thorough property inspection to check for any defects as soon as possible.
5 July, 2022
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5 Benefits of Living Close to MRT and LRT Stations
Many have mentioned the benefits of living close to public transportation, but have you thought about why it should be one of your main priorities when picking out your future property?
22 September, 2022
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MicrosoftTeams-image (220)
How Does Inflation Affect Housing Prices?
On the May 11th, 2022, Bank Negara Malaysia made a surprise decision to increase its overnight policy rate (OPR) by 25 basis points to 2% from 1.75%.
30 May, 2022
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Equip Yourself with These 4 Tips in Getting the Best First Home Deal!
A first time home buyer in Malaysia could be overwhelmed by the amount of considerations that need to be taken before signing on the dotted line.
24 October, 2019
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Cheras: M Vertica — built for the sophisticated urbanite
Spread over 11.25 acres in Jalan Cheras, M Vertica is designed to meet the lifestyle aspirations of sophisticated urbanites.
5 November, 2019
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Sentul Property KL
M Arisa – Your Perfect First Home For A Holistic Lifestyle
Enters M Arisa, offering a green oasis of peaceful serenity and environment-friendly features. Come home to your sweet sanctuary at M Arisa now.
29 October, 2019
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3 Things About EV Charging You Should Know Before Purchasing An Electric Car In Malaysia
As of today, Malaysia has about 300 EV charging stations estimated in the country, with most of them concentrated in Klang Valley and across the west coast.
14 April, 2021
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helloquence-OQMZwNd3ThU-unsplash (1)
7 Highly Recommended Home Loans in Malaysia With the Best Deals (2019 Edition)
Not all home mortgage loans in Malaysia are the same, although they may share similar features. Here is the available mortgages/financing.
23 October, 2019
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Yorokobi Art
What to do in Sri Petaling
Well search no more, because whether or not you stay in Sri Petaling, the area is bustling with street activity and nightlife.
24 October, 2019
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Mah Sing Plastic Manufacturing Business
Mah Sing has grown to be one of the largest high-tech plastics manufacturer in Malaysia and has operations in both Malaysia and Indonesia
27 November, 2020
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Mah Sing Southville City
Here’s Why Southville City Is The Perfect Place To Live If You’re Tired Of City Life
Would you like to live in a place that offers all the conveniences of city life with comfort and serenity? If so, Southville City is just the spot for you.
23 October, 2019
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penang condo for sale
Penang’s Condominium is The Darling Among Other Property Types And Will Remain So (Three Reasons Why)
These 3 reasons will show you why Penang’s condominium will continue to be the better choice among other property types in the long run.
21 October, 2020
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Quick Guide in Looking for a New House For Sale in Malaysia
Looking for new houses in Malaysia? It is no doubt that the demand for Malaysian properties is on the rise. Check out our quick guide now!
18 October, 2019
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Resort Living at Legenda@Southbay
Blue skies, calming seas. Now you can live resort-style at Legenda@Southbay while staying close to key areas in Penang. Check out our more blog for more!
6 January, 2020
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‘My Mah Sing’ Mobile App Launched by Developer
Mah Sing has launched its new mobile companion – ‘MY Mah Sing’ app. that help to guide the buyers throughout their entire homeownership journey with Mah Sing. Get to download now for free on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
15 October, 2019
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M Vertica by Mah Sing Group
M Vertica is a new serviced apartment in Cheras, built by Mah Sing Group. Check out more at our blog
12 November, 2019
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johor bahru developments
Are New Houses For Sale in Johor Bahru Still A Good Buy? Here Are 3 Observations
After the Q3 2019 Residential Overhang Status report released by the NAPIC, some asking if it’s viable to take the plunge on a new house for sale in JB, let’s have a look.
30 April, 2020
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madam loan
4 Great Features of Malaysia’s First Home Loan Specialist – Chatbot
Madam Loan is equipped with the knowledge of a mortgage specialist, the patience of a chatbot. So, start your journey to home ownership today.
29 October, 2019
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bangi property for sale
Bangi’s New property: Is It Worth To Settle In? A Closer Look at the Pros & Cons
The rapidly developing Bangi makes the new properties an enticing offer to capitalize on its fresh growth prospects. Find out if it fits your criteria to move in.
4 November, 2020
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old klang road new condo project
New Condominium At Old Klang Road: 3 Reasons Why It Is Still Highly Viable
In past years, there was a massive upgrade and widening exercise in Old Klang Road with major developments, especially new condo launches, that are now attracting keen buyers.
3 May, 2020
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sri petaling new condo project
It Makes Sense to Get a Condominium in Sri Petaling Compared to Others. Here’s Why.
Appreciating the condo at Sri Petaling for serious business, shopping & great accessibility. It does make a lot of sense once you analyzed it
3 May, 2020
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william-hook-9e9PD9blAto-unsplash 3
Top 6 Reasons Why Getting a New Condominium or Landed House in Selangor Is Becoming a Better Choice for Urban Living
It is the right place of getting a new landed property in Selangor as it is the most prosperous state in Malaysia. Here are 6 reasons to convince you!
23 October, 2019
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19 Mah Sing Beautiful Homes
19 Beautiful Homes In Malaysia That Will Make You Want To Move In Now
Mah Sing is currently running their Desire campaign, which allows you to own a home easier by requiring only a low down payment, easy ownership financing packages, and even free moving services!
23 October, 2019
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Johor Bahru Might Be The Best State to Look For Factory For Sale
Johor Bahru Might Be The Best State to Look For Factory For Sale: Here’s Why
Johor Bahru factories begin to get influx of foreigners looking to establish or expand their current business due to cost savings, especially from Singapore
28 April, 2020
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